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It’s always interesting to discuss, even with oneself, about the mechanics and after effects of time travel as used in fiction. There have been stories about messing with the relationship of your parents back in time, causing them to possibly never marry and threaten your own existence; that was used in “Back to the Future”. A more humorous one in the recently concluded “Power Rangers: Super Dino Charge” has the heroes defeating the past time version of their main villain on Earth 65 million years ago, preventing the extinction of the dinosaurs who are now seen in their present time inside “dinosaur zoos”. Surely the idea of tampering with the past to change the future has fascinated writers for so long.

And the latest to cover this time travel trope is The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow”, and according to Comic Book Resources their story for the ninth episode of Season 2 could be the superhero team series’ most ambitious plot yet. Picking up from the long-running thread of the whereabouts of Legends founder and leader, the rogue Time Master Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the next episode, curiously entitled “Raiders of the Lost Art”, follows up on the last scene reveal of Episode 8 showing Rip in 1967 as a film director, helming a sci-fi flick loosely based on his adventures. The title and the time period is relevant because the time aberration to be addressed here is centered on a real-life movie industry name, known for creating franchises involving a galaxy far, far away and an archaeologist with a fedora and bullwhip. Exactly, “Legends” S2E09 will feature George Lucas in his youth crossing paths with DC- TV’s time-travelling heroes.

The show’s executive producer Mark Guggenheim elaborates on what happens during “Raiders of the Lost Art”. He says that events in an altered 1967 cause a disastrous domino effect that kicks off with George Lucas quitting film school. As a result he would not create “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones”and this divergence will have some bad effects on two of the Legends. “As a result, Ray [Palmer/Atom] (Brandon Routh), who became an engineer because of ‘Star Wars,’ and Nate [Heywood/Steel] (Nick Zano), who became a historian because of ‘Raiders,’ slowly start to lose their brilliance, because those things that inspired them to become who they are didn’t exist.”

“Legends” will guest star actor Matt angel to portray the 1967 Lucas, and the episode as hyped by Guggenheim will either see the series kick into high gear if successful, or mean bad things for the production staff if it fails.

Also starring Caity Lotz and Maisie Richardson-Seller, “Legends of Tomorrow” will have “Raiders of the Lost Art” airing on January 24, 2017 on The CW.

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