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I sometimes get emotional reading about children in foster care. The idea that a child may not be better off with his birth family and must thus be put up with another household to look after him, when there’s a chance that the new caretakers could range from genuinely compassionate to being justas bad as the one left behind. Even worse is the grim reality of being passed from one foster family to another due to well-intentioned but badly implemented welfare programs. This is why it also gets to me – in a good way – when I hear about some foster children who luck out and are finally taken in, officially adopted by what should’ve been temporary guardians, and come off better for it, like this particular kid.

CBS News brings us the heartwarming tale of a 3-year old boy from Arizona who was one such lucky foster. His name is Michael Brown, and he was adopted by Tara Montgomery, a single mother with children of her own who became a foster parent to Michael – his third total – after he was taken from his biological mother. He was part of the foster care system for 832 days, or more than two years.

While Michael was initially shy and withdrawn upon being assigned to Montgomery, although eventually he warmed up and became close to Tara and her daughters, especially Dezhianna Brown, known as Dae for short. When another attempt to reunite Michael with his birth mom ended in failure, Montgomery decided to take action so that the boy will not have to suffer another painful separation, especially if he gets assigned a new foster family. So the second the courts took away the mother’s custody rights to Michael, Montgomery decided keep Michael by filing for adoption. The court in Phoenix approved her papers Tuesday December 20, making Michael part of the family and taking the name of his new adoptive sisters.

But that’s not all. After the ruling came through, Dae Brown snapped a picture of her new baby brother. He was holding a board that read “Some things are worth the wait. After 832 days in foster care, I’m adopted.” He had a wide smile and his right arm was raised in victory. It was tweeted along with several other photos with the message “Forever family”, with a heart and “#Adopted”. Come Christmas Eve, Michael’s first with his new family, the photo has been liked and re-tweeted over 140,000 and 57,000 times respectively. Montgomery was surprised by how quickly her daughter’s tweet of their new family member went viral so fast.

No further details on Michael Brown’s case has been broached due to it being a child dependency civil case, but rest assured that he’s now living with his new family at the Peoria suburb in Phoenix.

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