Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CANADA in the North

To most newbie Philippine travelers, they could try to rattle off so many things they know or read about the most popular travel destinations in the United States, whether they’ve been to those same places or  not. Still, despite the fact that many in the country are working overseas in America’s northern neighbor, not really a lot springs to the Filipino mind about the Dominion of Canada. What they do imagine of it is that in some ways Canada’s much like the US, except with more open spaces and a tad colder on more months of the year. But really there’s more to it, for Canada’s story is even richer that a new traveler’s first impressions.

You can learn quite a number of interesting and incredible facts about Canada, starting from how as late as over 11,000 years ago the landmass was actually connected to Asia through a land bridge across the present-day Bering Strait and Sea, which enabled a period of migration from what was later termed the Old World into the New. This included a wide variety of animals including prehistoric people, the ancestors of the various Native American tribes that then lived in the Americas long before the age of exploration and discovery.

Anyway, when European explorers, and later colonists, began landing on the shores of North America, history began to work at full speed. The French were first to establish a long-term presence in what is modern Canadian territory, although for the most part they were more simply outposts of trade for local goods like furs and pelts. When the British came however, they were not only there to trade with the locals but to stay, and eventually the two nations would come to blows in the French and Much fuss is made over hockey, the de facto national sport (and in Canada it’s just hockey, don’t ever specify “ice” hockey to a Canadian). Another famous element that’s so Canadian is their national and federal police force the RCMP, better known as the Mounties. Mind you, their stereotypical red uniform is just for ceremony these days, ditto for the horses.

Then there’s the fascinating blend of cultures to be found in Canada, from the predominantly British Ontario, to the beautifully French Quebec with their capital of Montreal being second only to Paris as the world’s largest French-speaking city. Across British Columbia to the west coast are to be found some of Canada’s Native American peoples such as the Haida, and up in the frigid Northwest Territory are the settlements of the Inuit, whom we know as Eskimos. Long story short, Canada is never running out of sights to see and experience.

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Nothing more really needs to be said to convince any tourist that a trip to Canada is totally worth it. More Filipinos can see reason to travel to the Great White North other than simply overseas employment. You’d be surprised at the chances of finding a bargain vacation in the land of maple syrup.


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