Tuesday, December 6, 2016


To the Filipino people, Gary Valenciano is more than just one of the steadfast pillars of Philippine pop songs. He’s also an inspiring and charismatic figure in matters of faith and charity. The latter is the focus of his latest partnership between his Shining Light Foundation (SLF) and mobile network provider Smart Communications through their own charitable organization, the PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF).  As a major token to cement this new collaborative effort for the sake of needy students in schools located at the country’s most remote locales, Smart and PSF have donated to the LSF one package of their latest charitable educational outreach program, the School-in- a-Bag, to be operated by Shining Light at their discretion.

The School-in- a-Bag program was initiated by Smart early this 2016, for the express purpose of taking and providing state of the art mobile digital teaching tools and a treasure trove of educational content, for the easy access of out-of- the-way public schools in the provinces that more often than not are devoid of even electrical power. Interested parties may nominate such schools as they know to Smart Communications on their website. A teacher from the beneficiary school will then be given orientation, training and immersion to learn about the School-in- a-Bag equipment, how to use them, and familiarize with the accompanying educational content that the tools can dispense to students.

Each School-in- a-Bag kit is fully stocked with one laptop computer, one LED TV, a smartphone, a tablet computer, one Smart-Bro pocket Wi-Fi unit (starter load included), an external hard drive containing the bulk of learning content, and a solar panel to provide power to the equipment. In terms of educational software, the kit is provided with lesson modules from the Central Visayan Institute Foundation’s Dynamic Learning Program and the e-Learning developer FrontLearners, as well as an educational app based on the iconic Philippine educational TV program “Batibot”.

Smart has developed the School-in- a-Bag program to better bring the gift of up-to- date learning to all students wherever they may be, so that they too can join in the wide educational pool of the global knowledge economy. Aside from the kit donated to Gary V’s foundation, 10 remote schools throughout Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao have been blessed with this precious gift this year, with more sure to be given in the years to come.

One School-in- a-Bag package is worth 100,000 Pesos, and anyone who would like to donate to the PLDT-Smart Foundation may send an email to TechnoCart@smart.com.ph for more info. The Shining Light Foundation in turn was cofounded by Valenciano in 1989; in addition to students in remote schools, it champions the cause of Christian missionary efforts as well as the welfare of people with diabetes, like Gary V himself.

Further info can be found here:

http://smart.com.ph/About/learnsmart/programs-projects/school- in-a- bag




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