Tuesday, December 27, 2016

SMART Now Lets You Buy Apps and Pay with Mobile

I’ve often noticed some of my friends fretting about getting certain apps for their smartphones or tablets. In addition, some of them are wondering how best to manage in-app purchases that require cash, like item packages for their game, or special stickers in chat and messaging platforms. At times the fact that these friends of mine can’t quite take advantage of these offers – even if they’re affordable enough – because they’re at a loss on how to pay for them online, could negatively affect their enjoyment with mobile apps. Thankfully, Smart Communications, the country’s leading mobile and internet service provider, has come up with a solution that’s worthy of its hallmark as the Philippines’ pioneer in electronic prepaid reloading services.

This is none other than the new “Pay with Mobile” system, enabling Smart subscribing gadget users to “Pay with ease, Play with ease” as it were. With the help of this new service, app users can use either their Smart prepaid load or Smart postpaid accounts to buy apps directly from either the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store in iOS. Now the hottest paid premium apps and must-get in- game packages or messaging emoticons etc. can easily be within reach by all Smart users.

How does “Pay with Mobile” make electronic payments easier? First, users will no longer have the hassle of managing a separate electronic payment wallet; all purchases under the system will be either electronically deducted from a prepaid SIM account load, or charged to a postpaid account that’s reflected on your next bill. There are also no lengthy application forms that need to be filled up. One a Smart user has availed of “Pay with Mobile”, they can simply purchase apps and such online without any prerequisites. And it all happens fast.

It’s simple to sign up for too. Android users can go to the Google Play Store’s “My Account” menu to “Enable Smart Communications billing” under Payment Methods (with Google verifying your account and Smart validating the phone number). After filling in a Payment address detail, your Android’s all set to pay for Google Play Store app purchases with mobile. For iOS users, they can send an SMS to REG their number to 4949 to receive an iTunes and App Store-exclusive “virtual credit card number (with security code and expiration date). They can then enroll their MasterCard-format VCCN on the Apple ID account page, along with the security code, exp. date and billing address to be able to buy from iTunes and the App Store.

Further details on how Smart’s “Pay with Mobile” works can be found in these locations:

· Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riHvS08-_s0&t=6s
· Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications/videos/10154706549577311/
· Twitter - https://twitter.com/LiveSmart/status/798845822418829313



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