Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NBC DC SITCOM "Powerless" at WAYNE Enterprise Subsidiary

There’s a certain in-universe element of superhero comic book stories that doesn’t usually get any focus save in specific plot arcs for it. This would be the background fallout of any high-pitched battle between superheroes and super-villains. After all, a good super-powered clash almost always results in some epic property damage and civilians getting caught in the crossfire. Movie-wise it got really on the nose considering the battle sequences on Marvel’s “The Avengers” and it sequel “Age of Ultron”, or Warner-DC’s “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman”. Nowadays when the plight of the background is brought up it’s in a serious tone, such as the 2008 Marvel Comics event “Civil War” and its live-action MCU adaptation. But would you believe that other times the tone is far more light-hearted and daresay, comedic?

In fact, that’s precisely what NBC is gunning for in their upcoming sitcom TV series “Powerless”a 30-minute show putting the spotlight on what goes on with the civilians who’re trying to keep their heads down whenever costumed characters slug it out in the middle of their populated urban centers, and the people trying to do something about it. The original blurb has the main characters be working for a special insurance firm (cheekily) called RetCon which specializes in superhero battle collateral damage. But now a new synopsis picked up by Entertainment Weekly spins a new outline: instead of an original creation, the company the leads are now working for is Wayne Securities, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises run by Bruce Wayne, who as you know, is the Batman. 

Yeah that’s quite a shock, having a premier superhero having an arm of his private corporation manufacturing products that help ordinary bystanders protect themselves from super-villains and from the explosions and collapsing structures of the usual super-tussle. Our story centers on Emily Locke, played by Vanessa Hudgens of “High School Musical” and “Sucker Punch” fame, who is the newly minted director of R&D for Wayne Securities. Sweetly optimistic and brimming with ideas, she finds herself struggling with her grounded and realistic boss, the head of Wayne-Sec (portrayed by Alan Tudyk of “Firefly/Serenity” and recent Disney films). But that won’t stop Emily from inspiring her corporate team from realizing the ideal that a hero doesn’t have to be super.

“Powerless” seems to be opening a new front in the viewership battle between Warner-DC and Disney-Marvel, which is itself developing its own TV sitcom with a similar premise tied to the MCU, called “Damage Control” and based on the limited comic series of the same name (unlike the made-for- TV “Powerless”). Time will tell how this clash for ratings turns out. While “Damage Control” is still in development, “Powerless” will premiere on NBC in February 2, 2017.

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