Thursday, December 22, 2016


With the onset of the Holiday Season it’s unavoidable that a veritable flood of online traffic will fill many a social media network around. Most likely it’ll consist of text posts, pictures or videos of enjoying the celebrations that’ll ensue. However, there’re certain events in one’s life that could easily sour the festive mood for friends, family and public if they ever go online at this time of year. Reader’s Digest has helpfully compiled some of the most red-flag social media posts during the Holidays.

1) Complaining about presents you don’t care for

- The celebrations for this season make a big deal about being grateful for one’s blessings. Expressing disappointment about a gift that didn’t suit you, online to boot, is petty and has a negative effect on friendships and familial relations.

2) Gushing about the presents you did care for

- This is the flipside of #1. Just as it is bad form to grouse about bad gifts, getting hyper about a favorite present and plastering images of it in your account is unflattering and can make others feel bad about not having your good fortune.

3) Spats with your partner

- While social media is an easy venue to gain support from family and friends, it should be taboo ground for posting something about any argument with your significant other or spouse, not just for the Holidays but year round.

4) Family bashing

- So there’s somebody among your relatives whom you may spend time with in the Holidays that falls on your Dislike list. Social media is not the place for making those sentiments known. I mean, do you want people to stumble online into your family drama?

5) Politics

- Darn important, this one. Yes the most contested election ever has ended but some nerves are still frayed by the onset and the aftermath. Political topics divide people at the very time of year when everybody should be happy together.

6) Pictures of other people (without their permission)

- It’s time to show proper photo etiquette this season when posting pictures of other people. Usually, if you’re not included in the picture with the other people that you want to upload, it’s fair decent for you to ask them if their photo’s okay to post.

7) Condescending other faiths and beliefs from your own

- Remember that not everybody celebrates the same holidays this month that you do. If you’re Christian like me and a friend or acquaintance greets you for Hanukkah instead, accept it with good grace and don’t be snippy about their beliefs. Don’t be shy about greeting for specific celebrations rather than the safe, secular and PC “Happy Holidays”.

8) Not Safe For Work (specifically, for your boss)

- Not even the most secure private settings on your account can stop someone other than yourself from seeing something that could cast a bad rep of yourself in your workplace. You shouldn’t bother snapping or recording anything you say or do that the company could take the wrong way.

9) Selfie Storm

- While pictures of yourself don’t need permission for posting (see #6), too many uploads of solo selfies can send the wrong message about you on the Holidays. This is the season for posting group shots instead, with you as one of many.

10) Constant Online Posting

- Finally, it can get pretty annoying if you’re posting updates or blogging every other hour of the day. You’re celebrating the Holidays for goodness’ sake, so celebrate and don’t worry too much about capturing everything for posterity.

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