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HRM Elizabeth, Second of Her Name, by the Grace of God Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so on and so forth, may no longer wield any real political power, however she still manages to retain some royal influence in the slew of ceremonial duties she performs as monarch. Part of this package is her royal patronage of charitable causes and private organizations across the country and the Commonwealth of Nations, running all the way up to over 600 at last count. Still, time passes by ever since her 1952 coronation, and the 90-year old queen feels the need to, if not slow down, then to begin preparing the next generation of the Royal Family to undertake her duties.

So it was reported in People that Her Majesty is moving to divest herself of up to 25 of her patronages, in what an inside source to the Royal Family describes as an “organic shift” of the monarch sharing her workload. A similar precedent was made for the Queen’s consort, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh when he too reached 90 years of age in 2011. A statement from Buckingham Palace regarding the patronages goes: “Her Majesty has enjoyed a close and active association with a great number of [the patronages] throughout her reign. Her Majesty will continue to serve as Patron to hundreds of charities and institutions but will now share this work with her family.”

It further helped that the same organizations that the Queen has let go of have other Members of the Royal Family as Vice-Patrons or Presidents, to ensure a smooth transition to the new main Royal Patrons. Among the charities and organizations Her Majesty will be passing on to her family are the Royal Geographic Society and Save the Children’s Fund.

But who among the Royals will then carry on the patronages now? As a sampling of the “reassignment”, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge shall be the new patron of the UK Amateur Swimming Association while his brother Prince Harry shall have both the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League. Meanwhile Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will have a patronage aligning with her passion for tennis, being named patron All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which organizes the Grand Slam tournament of Wimbledon. Already the mother of tennis star Andy Murray is supportive of the move, as Duchess Kate’s royal patronage can only mean good things for the sport, in her words.

News of the new Royal Patronage assignment first came out during the Christmas lunch celebrations at Buckingham Palace Tuesday December 20, which was attended by the Royal Family. The changes in Royal Patronage shall become effective at the end of the year.

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