Monday, December 12, 2016


The year is about to end. Come 2017 a promise made as far back as February of 2015 will come through and a beloved cartoon series from the past century will make its triumphant return on television. Life is about to become like a hurricane once again as a new generation of viewers get to watch the adventures of a group of anthropomorphic ducks as they solve a mystery and rewrite history episode after episode. I’m talking of course about “Ducktales”, the first animated cartoon series by Disney expressly for syndication, to great success and international recognition. And it’s getting a long- awaited reboot.

Entertainment Weekly has it that Disney on December 7 released a double whammy of a tease for what’s to come in their reimagining of the original “Ducktales” series. The first element is a new preview photo that’s something of a companion piece to the first teaser art released earlier this March, and that was a full one year after the reboot’s very existence was even mentioned.

The new still image once again featured the series main characters in a safari van with some zany action poses. We see Scrooge McDuck standing on the roof reaching for a flyaway golden idol with his walking stick, his nephew Donald (yes, he’s apparently a regular this time) hanging on and screaming his lungs out (typical behavior), his grandnephews inside with a spectrum of reactions, their housemate Webby Vanderquack and, for his character design debut appearance, none other than Launchpad McQuack, Scrooge’s pilot and bodyguard. The picture further gives a clearer view of the character designs, different from the 1980s series, and how they might translate in motion.

For the second act of the preview Disney finally reveals a teaser video. Granted it’s only ten seconds long and simply shows the title wipe, but we hear the classic “Ducktales” theme (probably a revival cover) as well as an exclamation from Donald. But darn if it doesn’t get a devotee of the old one (who’s open to new things) hyped as heck.

“Ducktales”, as mentioned before, chronicles the adventures of “Uncle Scrooge”, the richest duck in the world, as he explores the wildest locales to find treasure that would enrich him further. These were adapted from comic stories written for Disney by Carl Barks with divergences. In the comics he was often accompanied by Donald, but in the 1980s cartoons he instead entrusts his own nephews to Scrooge before joining the Navy and only makes sporadic appearances, with cartoon-original lackey Launchpad. From the look of things, the reboot will have both characters together with Scrooge on their adventures, a happy medium of sorts.

Like the preview image says, “Ducktales 2017” premieres this summer on Disney XD.

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