Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Current COMICBOOK Teams Up with NBA SUPERSTAR in Story

If your knowledge of the Marvel Comic character called “The Incredible Hulk” is limited to the Cinematic Universe of Marvel Studios or, more uncommonly, the various fighting games developed by Capcom when it had license from Marvel, then a little background info is in order. The original Hulk, Dr. Bruce Banner, was killed off this year in the comic book universe during the Second Superhero Civil War (the first one was released in comic form 2006-07 and later adapted in the latest “Captain America” MCU film). Before this event however, multi-title supporting character and teen genius Amadeus Cho had transferred Banner’s gamma radiation into his own body to become a new, “Totally Awesome” Hulk. While spending his solo title battling monsters, Hulk-Cho later becomes more involved in the happenings of the wider Marvel comic-book universe.

It’s in this current state of events that the latest Hulk begins a new stage in the story narrative of his comic title, as told by Comic Book Resources. The new direction, to be told in two consecutive arcs – one short and one much longer – will see the Korean-American sidekick-turned- full hero perform some super team-ups; and the first one of these, to be told in “Totally Awesome Hulk” #13-14, will be the most unorthodox yet, due to it being with a real-life celebrity, Taiwanese-American NBA superstar Jeremy Lin of the Brooklyn Nets.

How did this new story featuring a real-world sports celebrity come about? Quite simply, comic book writer Greg Pak, who created Cho’s character in Marvel’s “Amazing Fantasy” anthology in 2005, was taken in by the “Linsanity” phenomenon that was Jeremy Lin’s stint with the New York Knicks during 2012. While an ambivalent sports fan before, Pak’s admiration for Lin’s athletic prowess got him more interested in the NBA. While working on “Totally Amazing hulk”, Pak got a brainstorm of teaming up Cho and Lin, both Asian-Americans for a short story arc, and pitched it successfully to his Marvel editors who then got in touch with Lin’s PR team. The fact that Cho and Lin have similar hairdos only happens to be a nice coincidence.

The two-issue story arc, falling after Hulk-Cho’s involvement in the “Civil War II” comic crossover event, sees the young genius/bruiser venting his frustrations after the conflict by singing up for a charity basketball game in Austin that Jeremy Lin also happens to be joining. Of course, being a superhero comic involving giant monster fights, things get suitably more complicated and dangerous.

Following this celebrity crossover will be a team-up arc that sees Hulk-Cho joining forces with other Marvel heroes of Asian descent such as Silk (Cindy Moon), Shang-Chi and Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan). Issue 13 of “Totally Awesome Hulk” featuring Jeremy Lin comes out December 14.

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