Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Countries with the WORLD'S BEST BEER

It’s perhaps one of humanity’s greatest inventions throughout its entire history in the world. Some cultures have called it “liquid bread” and drink it as much as water. Whether drunk cold or not there is no other alcoholic beverage as invigorating and as prevalent as good old beer. Such is the hold of this drink in the very identities of some countries in the world that they have developed distinct cultures in its regard. This cultural styling really sticks with the nations they develop from, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recently celebrated the beer culture of Belgium by adding it into their Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

CNN, which reported this development, has also compiled a list of countries in the world that are the benchmarks when it comes to the quality of beer. They are: UK – The Veteran Melissa Cole, a UK-based beer and food critic, says that the British were instrumental in the push to make beer-brewing a truly world industry. They developed the popular India Pale Ales (IPA) with their high content of hops, flowers from the hops plant that gives beer flavor and stability, and necessary for transporting British beer across oceans to their colonies. The IPA has since been brewed in every beer-brewing nation.

Germany – The Classic

Let’s not forget Germany, for which beer is so ingrained in its image by the Oktober fest in Munich, Bavaria. Five hundred years ago the Beer Purity Law was passed by the then-Duchy of Bavaria which pretty much regulated what stuff can be mixed into beer brews. While this has stifled the development of flavor variations in Germany, it also ensured that German beer remains what one ideally expects a classic brew to taste.

US – The Fruity Flavorful

With people from both the UK and Germany contributing to its growth in the past, there’s no surprise that American brews have their own global niche: artisan beers with a wide range of flavors due to the US having climate differences that influenced the taste of beer from one state to another, fruity to citrusy to sour. 

ANZ – The Rogue Brewers

The Land Down Under and Middle-Earth are proving themselves no slouches either in brews. Their emerging specialty is in craft beers that are a big step up from their old offering of lagers.

China – The Rising Star

Once only a big global beer consumer but a middling brewer, the People’s Republic is going into a renaissance of sorts with their beverages along with their ascent as a world economic power. Owing to their British connection, the Hong Kong SAR has begun bringing out some pretty competitive IPAs nowadays.

Belgium – The New UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lister

There’s a reason the Belgian beer culture has warranted this new distinction from the UNHaving been a land that’s been conquered repeatedly throughout the centuries by multiple countries with their own beer cultures, the Belgians took the best elements from those of their occupiers to develop their own singular brewing culture, one that’s influenced the rest of the world. The idea of matching beer glasses comes from them.

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