Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blockbuster TEAM-UP Between SMART and iWantTV

The advent of streaming services has dramatically changed people’s viewing habits throughout the world, including here in the Philippines. While in the past a missed episode of a TV broadcast was a thing of regret for those who have no recording capability at home – as well as somebody to make the recording – having websites like iWantTV that offers past episodes of a program for streaming made things so much easier, and doubly so when the service became available on mobile. It reminds me of a YouTube video I watched of a segment from Jimmy Kimmel’s show aired on “Back to the Future Day” about people watching that night’s programming “streamed in their phones while sitting on the toilet the following day”, though not necessarily as gross.

Anyway, I happened to talk about the iWantTV streaming services of ABS-CBN because they have just entered into a powerhouse limited-time partnership with Smart Communications that will see access to its streaming services being included I the massive perks offered by Smart’s awesome data promo, GigaSurf. By itself the advantages of GigaSurf are already a must-have. Because who can say no to gigabytes worth of data for some of the most popular media streaming sites on the internet today?

Already the minimum charge of Smart GigaSurf 50 (for P50) will gain subscribers 1GB plus 300 additional MB when streaming from YouTube, Spinnr, Dailymotion, Vimeo, iflix, and Dubsmash, with massive scaling data limit increases at plans 99, 299, and 799. Getting excited yet?

Now add Smart’s team-up with iWantTV and you get full premium access to their entire library of streaming programs from ABS-CBN, O Shopping, DZMM Teleradyo, ANC and even the Regional Network Group for more local fare. Availing of GigaSurf 50 now gets a Smart user 1 day premium access, by means of an iWantTV PIN sent immediately after activating GigaSurf data. Valid for 3 days after receiving it, the time limit of the PIN will start only once you enter it on the iWantTV site or mobile app. At the maximum GigaSurf 799 plan, you could be looking at premium access on iWantTV for seven days – a week – with the unused PIN remaining valid for 30 days – a month!

To avail of this splendid deal, simply register Gigasurf with the value of your choice (50-799) to 9999. Once registered, you’ll get an SMS containing your iWantTV premium access PIN. When you’ve created an iWantTV account, simply enter your PIN in your account to get premium access. But don’t delay; the iWantTV premium access will only be available with GigaSurf until December 31, 2016! And the max validity date of any iWantTV PINs received in this promo is only until March 1, 2017! Hurry and enjoy this while it lasts! Find more info by visiting http://smart.com.ph/Pages/gigasurf

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