Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ALEPPO GIRL BANA EVACUATED May Go with Family to Turkey

By now the uprising in Syria that has raged in the country since 2011 during the Arab Spring has finally been brought to an end with the capitulation of the final rebel holdouts from the devastated ruins of the eastern half of Aleppo. Battered to rubble by artillery and airstrikes from both the government forces of Bashar Al-Assad and their Russian allies, the remaining rebel forces and their civilian supporters, residents of Eastern Aleppo who remained throughout the ordeal and placing themselves in the insurgents’ protection, have negotiated several times to obtain a grace period within which they would begin evacuating from Aleppo and Syria altogether without being cut to pieces by the victorious military.

On Monday December 19 the long awaited evacuation was begun at full throttle. As CBC News tells it, among the lucky Aleppo evacuees who managed to flee the fallen rebel bastion by bus was the adorable 7-year old Syrian girl who managed to capture the world’s attention and sympathy through her little accounts of life in the besieged city through a Twitter account created for her by her mother in September. Bana Alabed has been safely transported to safety along with her brother and sister, her father, and mother Fatemah, and English teacher who managed her daughter’s Twitter page and probably helped her with her English tweets to the world, the totality of which has earned Bana more than 331,000 followers.

These followers and many other people on the wider social media community expressed worry for Bana and her family as Eastern Aleppo fell section by section back under regime control through most of November and December. After a tweet from Bana explaining how their home was destroyed by bombing, online updates began to get spotty, with dire tidings of possible capture by government forces (as residents who continued to remain in the neighborhood, they can be charged as collaborating with the anti-Assad insurgents) alternating with some glimmer of hope after Bana’s mother Fatemah remarked on Twitter and Skype conversations with CNN that their family managed to find another place to hide in until either they were finally caught, or the government allowed them to be evacuated. The previous week their prayers were answered, and this past Monday their dreams of sanctuary came true.

With the Alabeds out of harm’s way, the question came up as to where they would go now. A tweet from Fatemah just this Sunday December 18 asked for assistance from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who helped broker this ceasefire and evacuation deal. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu then announced on Turkish state media that the country would be more than happy to provide asylum for Bana and her family. At last the sufferings of w

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