Saturday, November 12, 2016

US NET TRAFFIC INCREASES for Immigration Queries After TRUMP WIN

In the last few weeks leading up to the recently concluded 2016 US Presidential Elections, ill feelings between the opposing supporters of the two main candidates for President have escalated to some loud declarations on social media – in particular for adherents to Democratic bet Hillary Clinton – that if she would lose in the polls to the firebrand Republican choice Donald Trump, that they would quit the United States and move, alone or with their families, to another country altogether. Well now the people have spoken and Donald Trump has won, but what about the Clinton voters who vowed to leave?

According to TIME, they may be working up the nerve to put their money where their mouth is.

Nowhere is this more evident than the internet, where websites on how to immigrate to New Zealand have noted a dramatic up-kick in traffic from American online visitors. For instance, Immigration New Zealand normally averages a daily US visitor count of about 2,300. The day after Trump was declared the winner, that figure had ballooned to 56,300 in only 24 hours. Those were the number of visits total, but among them were over 7,000 curious – or desperate – Americans who went further by registering interest in actually immigrating to Middle-earth, as it were. That figure’s over double the monthly average, in one frantic day.

In order to prove that’s no fluke, I present another site, New Zealand Now, which gives in-depth info on applying for work and study visas, as well as making investments, in NZ. They actually beat the INZ site with 70,500 US visits for just that same day.

All around, the frenzy – serious or otherwise – of looking up ways to get the hell out of the United States of Trump has been reaching hilarious levels. The other major avenue of escape, the northern neighbor Canada (eh?) has also gotten lots of attention; American visitors practically crashed the servers of that country’s official immigration service website at the moment Trump’s victory was announced.

New Zealand isn’t quite new to being the choice for wide-scale immigration fears. When BREXIT won the July Referendum in the UK many Britons who voted to remain also rang up INZ online, doubly so since culture-wise the two nations are historically tied anyway.

But some Kiwis appear to be getting tired of being treated as a sanctuary from unfavorable political situations. Twitter was rife with New Zealanders mock-threatening the Yanks to back off and go somewhere else. To quote one of these: “Don't even think about moving to New Zealand. You shat the bed, now you have to deal with the mess.”

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