Thursday, November 24, 2016


By now it’s over halfway through the month of November, and two weeks after Donald Trump won the Election despite the overwhelming criticism directed against him by the media. Shortly after his victory, a speech from Trump emphasized his intention to serve as President to all Americans, even those who were against him. It was a far cry of sorts from the vitriol he used to level at all quarters that sought to besmirch his image during the “dirty” campaign period. Now however, there’s been a little bit of a backslide on Trump’s part, as he has recently called out certain shows that he felt hasn’t been giving him his fair shake.

One of these shows is something of a fixture on American television programming on Saturday night; it’s even in the title. Anyway, Variety reports that the Trump has quickly go on to social media, in particular his Twitter account, where he had some choice words for that show among his most stinging critics, “SNL”, especially after the Saturday November 19 airing’s cold open, which once again featured Alec Baldwin in his extremely attention-grabbing lampoon of the billionaire president-elect.

The skit involves Baldwin-Trump counting the days before assuming office in January 2017, and already making a comedic mess with his prep, as exemplified by his gag of researching ISIS on Google Voice Search and then Siri, despite his claims to the visiting joint chiefs of staff chairman that he already has a plan to take down the terror group.

Well, Trump began Tweeting away on how the “SNL” opening act was all “one-sided” and “biased” against him, and calling for “equal time” in media representation for him along with the rest.

Already here he has hit a goof according to Baldwin’s reply Tweet. The equal time Trump spoke of was a guarantee by the FCC that all political candidates be accorded the same airtime amount as one another in non-news TV appearances for fair play. The thing is, the rule only lasts for the campaign period, and does not apply to newly-elected officials.

Aside from “SNL” however, Trump has also unloaded on the popular Broadway musical “Hamilton”, according to The Washington Post. On November 18 Trump’s running mate VP-elect Mike Pence attended the Friday night performance, where the cast during curtain call read aloud a prepared speech addressed to Pence on the general American worry regarding the Trump Presidency, and asking that he uphold American value for everyone. Trump’s related Tweet described the event as harassment of his VP and demanded the whole “Hamilton” production apologize publicly for the stunt. Pence on the other hand has stated that he was not all offended by the speech and offered his own personal reassurances on what the cast had requested.

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