Saturday, November 26, 2016

TRUMP Does 180? Imagine That

We all remember how President-elect Donald Trump waged his campaign against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton from last year up to early November this year. He spoke as if he were a fire and brimstone preacher at times, whipping his listeners to a frenzy with attacks on the media, threats to imprison Clinton for political missteps, denying climate change, endorsing higher levels of prisoner torture, trashing Obamacare, the works. It went on to the point that he unshackled himself from his own party and played the part of the unfettered. And against popular opinion, it worked. But will his promises hold?

Judging from what CNN observes, maybe not. From the moment he mentioned in his victory speech that he will start to make himself a President for all Americans, Trump has made some interesting, and to his most vicious supporters alarming, backslides to some of his most punctuated declarations back in the draining days when he was locking horns with Clinton. Now that all he has to do was waiting for his January inauguration, the Donald has undertaken small efforts, for now, at toning down some of his angry rhetoric that has defined the candidate, but now seems to be unbecoming of the most powerful head of state in the world.

To wit: he seems to be softening on his media hatred. In particular, his once-favorite target The New York Times now gets a small measure of praise. ("I will say, The Times is, it's a great, great American jewel. A world jewel."His own words.) He’s starting to make conciliatory gestures towards officials whom he has traded injurious barbs with before. One of these had been Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, whom Trump has tapped to be his ambassador to the UN just this Wednesday November 23.

Waterboarding and similar torture methods are now off the table too according to discussions with his possible Defense Secretary choice, Gen. James MattisWith regards to the much abused-from- his-mouth Obamacare, rather than just throwing it out wholesale, Trump has actually identified certain provisions that he claims to like and want to retain. He now also admits to “some connectivity” between what humans do to the environment and climate change, when before he would bluster that the concept was cooked up by China. And as for the once- Neo-Nazis that now go by extreme alt-right elements that propelled him to the top, the Donald is telling them to stop.

Finally, Trump has implied that he probably won’t be sending Hillary to the slammer, a possibility that now has his “lock her up” devotees decrying him as a traitor. Whether this is all a token show, a lie or the real thing, Donald Trump is making it plain that things are changing,even for him.

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