Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The World After TRUMP Victory

So, there you have it. On Election Day in America the unbelievable happened, and Republican candidate Donald Trump, big-name billionaire business magnate, was elected President on his first campaign for his first ever political office. It was as unexpected as the “Leave” victory on last July’s BREXIT Referendum, to the point that betting business around the world have been declaring that as of now “anything is possible”. The gamut of reactions from every sector and faction of the American people, and the larger world, run a rainbow-like spectrum. Let’s go give them all an once over.

CNN is proving to be a wellspring of viewpoints pertaining to this new reality that the people of Earth are waking up to, especially considering that the network was heavily leaning on Democratic bet Hillary Clinton to win. But by now the reasons why this came to pass have made the rounds online: how Trump “broke” rules that used to govern how electoral campaigns were run, how polls and opinions failed to pick up on the undercurrent of dissent for the status quo, how the  near-obsession for change has created a miracle, or nightmare, whatever.

The business viewpoint on the Trump win is also starkly different in many quarters. Wall Street cheered for Trump even as they called for Clinton to be put behind bars as quickly as possible, why over in the West Coast, a throwaway Tweet by an Uber investor has ballooned into a quasi-serious effort by Silicon Valley tech-heads to call for California’s secession from the US, a move that should have been made illegal since the American Civil Wars of the 1860s. Again it brings to the forefront the sharp divide and reaction between Trump and Clinton supporters even after elections.

On the world stage, opinions are just as split down the middle. Mexico is now thinking really hard on how to stop the building of Trump’s wall that has been such key component of his platform. The Japanese government is putting their heads together on how best to work with him. China’s business moguls are trying to court him while the Communist Party is looking for new exploits to boost their superpower status at America’s expense. And similarly tough-talking leaders like Vladimir Putin of Russia and Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines are offering Trump congratulations. Is this a new trend?

Some of the more moderate voices online are calling for the complainers to just grin and bear with the new status quo rather than oppose it, and telling the supporters to go easy on the defeated. It’s been said that life goes on, but in these uncertain times the bet-makers’ may have a point when they said that all bets are finally off. We’ll see.

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