Saturday, November 12, 2016


It’s crunch-time now between the Iraqi-Kurdish- other coalition and the terror group ISIS, as they begin throwing down at the outskirts of Mosul, the Islamic extremists’ de facto capital and stronghold in Iraq. Ever since ISIS triumphantly entered the city in 2014 after shooing off Iraqi defense forces throughout northern Iraq and seizing their abandoned US-provided weaponry and vehicles, the terror group has subjected the remaining residents to the most repressive regimented way of life fashioned from their radically fundamentalist take on the teachings of the Quran. Just how strong was ISIS’ grip on the very existence of the subjugated citizens within their territory has become increasingly clear with each passing day of the Mosul campaign.

CNN reports a telltale regulatory signage rigged up by ISIS that was found by advancing Iraqi forces at the very fringes of the embattled second largest city of Iraq. Due south of Mosul on the frontier town of Hamman al-Alil that is home to some restorative spas, a roughly illustrated billboard lays down the ISIS law on what can be considered acceptable underwear, and public bath and swimwear.

From other liberated towns the world learned how the self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate had banned close-cropped haircuts, shaving, smoking, wearing bright multicolored shirts and form-fitting pants. This sign takes the cake thus far in outright banning western-style underwear within the Islamic State. Simplified black images of a boxer short, brief and panty were shown with red X’s struck through all three, while underneath are drawn what ISIS considered acceptable undergarments. Adhering strictly to Quran and Hadith guidance that the area of the body between the bellybutton and the knees must be covered, the militants proposed the use of a long wrap or at least knee-length breeches. These jive with the general rule of modesty that eliminates body contours in clothing.

When evacuating families trying to escape from the vicious fighting are questioned about these stringent regulations, they all agree on the same thing: the punishment for even the most minor infractions under ISIS rule was ridiculously disproportionate. Penalties range from lashes, to dismemberment, to imprisonment, to “hard labor” in digging out the terrorists’ extensive tunnel networks, to ultimately decapitation. And local residents of Hamman al-Alili did verify that some of their neighbors have been executed for flouting the underwear regulations, further highlighting just how close ISIS had gotten to controlling their subjects like puppets without free will.

As if that weren’t enough, video footage saved on a mobile phone taken from a dead ISIS fighter – already proof of their hypocrisy as these gadgets were banned among the population – showed the utter depravity of these so-called fundamentalist Muslims, as it showed some ISIS fighters joking around while a woman is being raped by their fellows off-screen. Truly an atrocity of the ruling party not following their own rules.

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