Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Not that long ago gossip popped up regarding Britain’s Prince Harry being together with American actress Meghan Markle, leading to a round of very rude paparazzi stalking and social media shaming on the female lead of the USA Network drama series “Suits”. It got to the point that Harry eventually released a public statement asking the vultures to leave Markle alone. It was a surprising move from the 32-year old prince, but one that failed to deter the more persistent gossip-mongers, who have since spun the rumor that Harry’s older brother Duke William was not only critical of the former’s statement but also disapproving of his now-confirmed relationship with Markle.

As USA Today tells it, nothing could ever be far from the truth. The Duke of Cambridge has since released his own public statement regarding the media blitz over his younger brother’s love life that was fully supportive of Harry’s decision and approving of Markle. Read by a press spokesman for Kensington Palace, part of the statement went, “The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him.”

The Duke’s word was seen as a counter-argument to a news piece brought out by The Daily Mail dated November 25, wherein it was reported that William was instead unhappy over the fallout of Harry’s earlier statement to confirm his relationship and expressing his worry over Markle’s safety at the mercy of the royal-hounding media, saying that such action was a violation of royal norms wherein members of the royal family would never comment on the private and romantic lives of their fellows and their own. The statement according to Duke William in the Mail article was a mistake.

From the looks of the actual pronouncement released on behalf of the Duke this Monday November 28, William was firmly on his brother’s side. Harry’s earlier statement had been very critical of the storm that had descended on his girlfriend and her family in the wake of their becoming public, doubly so on the social commentators’ fallback defense that such vigorous verbal sniping was expected of any ordinary folk who comes into a British royal’s life.

On a side note, after the relationship between Harry and Markle was confirmed, the two have been busy with their own separate commitments. The prince has been on a Caribbean royal tour at the same time that Markle was finishing up with taping for the soon to be concluded sixth season of “Suits”, where she plays associate attorney Rachel Zane, who is paired with one of the male lead stars Patrick J.

Adams as Mike Ross. The soonest they’ll be able to spend time together would be this December.

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