Thursday, November 17, 2016


It was the stuff of modern fairy tales when Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton married all the way back in 2011. Years of wedded bliss followed along with two children, an exciting state visit itinerary and more so; one can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy regarding the now-Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their little family unit of the British Royal Household. It’s been something of a distinct contrast from William to his younger brother Prince Harry. While he has since toned down his former party animal reputation with his new responsibilities, Harry hasn’t had quite the luck or perhaps interest in pursuing a relationship for years; he had been seeing at least two women in the past decade or so, but in both times he and the girl in question parted. But perhaps this status quo might finally change sometime soon.

This can be the only conclusion we can draw from a certain series of events that took place over the second week of November, when Prince Harry through the Kensington Palace press office issued a statement denouncing social media commentators who have been virtually disparaging American actress Meghan Markle, who has since been confirmed as his girlfriend; all of which has been covered by Forbes. An online search would find reports on some very disturbing behavior by people who have learned of this new girl in the Prince’s life and have proceeded straight to some brutally intrusive behavior not only at her home but in the lives of her mother and friends.

Perhaps that strong tone of language in the press statement can be construed as Harry’s frustrations with the press which has been touted as a significant reason why his past relationship with Cressida Bonas came to a sudden end. While the pressures of media scrutiny may have had a hand in that chapter, it’s been felt that the media abuse being heaped on Markle now may be of a magnitude far worse than ever of any girl who has been linked to a British royal. In their viewpoint she was a ripe target. Markle was older than Prince Harry; she was married but divorced; she was an American and a television actress, and perhaps worst of all to them, she was biracial with a white father and an African- American mother; and in the racially charged environment of post-BREXIT UK, that was fair game.

It’s therefore to her credit that Markle has weathered the storm with some awe-inspiring nerve. Being a working woman – she’s a lead star in the TV drama series “Suits – has given her a strength that detractors have never quite counted on. The fact that she’s the first royal girlfriend to stay over with her prince at a royal residence is testament to her character, and the fortitude of her relationship with Prince Harry. Hopefully it will lead to a proposal.

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