Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Neck and Neck with TRUMP Ahead

As of right now the United States is experiencing a unique variation on the Sword of Damocles: during this momentous Presidential Election that is now close to winding down, the country has two swords hanging over their collective head. When the votes are finally in and the electoral count completed, one of those swords is going to fall and one of the two sides of the voting divide is going to smart and contemplate whether or not to make good on their social media threats to move to Canada and elsewhere…or in the case of one side, try to go for a potentially violent revolution.

But as it turns out, that side may not have to rise in arms. With the number of states yet to transmit results winding down to just one hand, the latest results as tallied on CNN are showing Donald Trump, GOP candidate but not necessarily voted by all Republicans, is enjoying a slight lead in the race for the Magic 270, with 238 electoral votes to the 215 of his fierce opposite number, the Democrat’s Hillary Clinton. Already this flies in the face of most vote projections made by the network and a multitude of other research bodies, as it reflects the general voice being shared by voters in exit polls: the need for change.

It’s such a powerful word, change. Right now it stands for going with the most atypical presidential bet to have ever run for election in the US, the multibillionaire tycoon and reality show superstar who has never held any public office until now, so close to claiming the highest political office in the land. Amazingly, many voters who have contributed to this phenomenon are remarking that they may take certain exceptions to Trump and his personality (make that demeanor), policies and whatnot, but right now he’s the most obvious face for change, in the most nebulous definition of the term. Hence their votes went to him, just as several battleground states that seemed on surveys to be for Clinton instead went to Trump.

The social media hurricane regarding the polls has taken on the visage of some very dignified chaos. Word of Democratic figures “resigning” themselves to the people’s decision, smug proclamations from those who decided not to vote for a president in their ballots (or never voted at all), stubborn declarations of those who will “continue to fight on” even in the face of defeat; you name it, there’s a tweet about it.

As the not-yet- final election results send the Mexican Pesos and other currencies reeling, global stock markets going into rocket-assisted fall, and the ISIS leadership probably having a welcome laugh in their bunkers with coalition forces closing in on all sides, the world watches with bated breath as they wait for the cliffhanger nightmare to end.

Photo Credit to www.thenation.com