Saturday, November 12, 2016

Much Hullaballoo About Rumored GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 LEAKS

It’s still quite a ways off before the seventh (of eight total) season(s) of HBO’s phenomenal hit series “Game of Thrones” brings us back to the (slowly dying) yet still politically chaotic continent of Westeros. Filming continues apace especially in the encroaching months of real-world winter, the better to match the “Winter has Come” environment of the show’s setting since we last left it. But already some complications are rearing their heads in the middle of production, a complication that had visited the cast and crew once before: leaks.

The Huffington Post reports that somehow, somewhere, despite HBO’s best efforts and their long-standing security and confidentiality policies in place since the massive Season 5 plot leak of 2015, plot briefs for “GOT” season 7, supposed to air next year, are now making the rounds of some understandably impatient fans and busybodies. It all started three weeks ago, in October, when “awayforthelads”, a user of social info aggregation and discussion site Reddit, dumped a load of information purported to be plot outlines for the upcoming season. Now normally releases of leaked season spoilers are taken with a grain of salt as they mostly get debunked when the actual season in question goes on HBO, but certain events after the first big leak seem to give it a measure of credence.

There’s the fact that the Reddit account of “awayforthelads” was removed. Sometime afterward a news item from “Watchers on the Wall”, a more conventional news site for all things “GOT” TV series published an article on filming schedule in Seville, Spain that involved a great majority of the production’s main stars, from Kit “Jon Snow” Harrington to Liam “Davos” Cunningham to Lena “Cersei” Heady. The scene described in that report was eerily echoing a key event related in the Reddit leak. It bears looking into.

Okay, so when we last left Westeros, Cersei has become Queen on the Iron Throne, Jon Snow is King of the North, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is leading her fleet and dragons to invade Westeros and the White Walkers are coming with their undead army. According to the rumors, The Wall that keeps the enemy out of Westeros will fall; Arya Stark (Maisey Williams) will try to murder the chaos-mongering Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen); Jon’s Targaryen lineage is revealed and he will bring an intact wight (zombie) to King’s Landing as proof of the White Walkers’ return (this is the rumored scene according to “Watchers on the Wall”); finally, the White Walker leader called the Night’s King will kill one of Daenerys’ dragons and raise it as his zombie mount. Again, aside for the mentioned scene above, the rest is for us to make like Ripley’s.

“Game of Thrones” season 7 will air sometime in late 2017, but it may still come earlier than George R.R. Martin’s book 6, “The Winds of Winter”.

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