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So for anybody following Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” on ABC, it’s hard to even pretend to be in the dark on the presence of the Marvel superhuman race called the Inhumans, as they’ve been pretty much ingrained into the storyline of the past two seasons, with one of their own lead character agents, some allies and also antagonists belonging to that group. Their presence in “AoS” may have been as a tease on what to expect for a whole Cinematic Universe feature film starring them that was supposed to have been up for release as far back as 2018. Changing developments in Marvel Studios have since pushed the “Inhumans” movie out of the schedule, but it may have found a new outlet in a different medium.

Comic Book Resources has it that Marvel is instead developing a TV series starring the Inhumans to air on ABC with “Agents of SHIELD”. But there’s more to it than that; Disney plans to have the first two episodes of the series aired back to back on IMAX for a two-week run, a momentous first for a new live-action series. To add icing on the cake, the “Inhumans” run on its home network of ABC will have “exclusive special content” as described by in a bid to get more attention for when it airs.

Regarding the arrangement to show the premiere on IMAX screens, Disney Media Networks co- chair and Disney/ABC TV Group president Ben Sherwood sees it as an innovation in trying to get a taste of premium TV content to a global audience. “It highlights Disney|ABC’s unrelenting commitment to finding new and creative ways to showcasing our very best programming and increasing global engagement and reach,” he said.

IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond agrees with the sentiment saying, “This first-of- its-kind multi-platform production, distribution and marketing agreement brings together Marvel Television’s unique brand of entertainment, ABC’s unparalleled audience and IMAX’s brand and global fanboy demographic.”

Originally conceived by Marvel master Stan Lee and legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby in 1965, the Inhumans are a subspecies of humans descended from prehistoric people that were experimented on by the alien Kree race. While born fairly normal, they naturally gain various superhuman abilities and transformations when exposed to their heirloom Terrigen mists. While the comic titles primarily focused on a secluded society of Inhumans ruled by a superhuman royal family, the Inhumans in Marvel TV thus far are more of the more recent interpretation of their race, being descendants who have lived with humanity throughout the ages, until awakened by a widespread exposure of Terrigen.

The “Inhumans” series will premiere on ABC sometime in September 2017, alongside the special 2-week IMAX premiere.

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