Wednesday, November 30, 2016

JAPANESE THEME PARK Slammed for Ice Attraction Involving FROZEN FISHES

On paper it seemed like a unique and interesting new idea for a frozen attraction. An amusement park in Fukuoka has designed an aquatic exhibited literally frozen underneath the ice of their indoor skating rink. When the attraction opened back in November 12 the park advertised the “bizarre” skating rink as a world first, where visitors can skate over a subzero diorama of various aquatic creatures held in place within the ice. It was a superb marketing blitz that got the amusement park a major deal of attention. The only problem is that the attention is mostly negative and now threatens their continued operation.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the rising tide of criticism over their strange “Freezing Port Ice Museum” skating rink attraction has forced the Space World amusement park in Fukuoka’s Yahata- Higashi Ward to shut the whole thing down. On a news announcement on their official website detailing the rink’s closure, they also apologize profusely for making people uncomfortable. And who wouldn’t be after skating on that ice knowing that the many small fishes that were frozen within were real fish?

Those social media voices that did get spooked by this fact have since bombarded Fukuoka Space World with nothing but grief over this, especially once images of how the fish were put in the ice began to spread online.

When a local TV station featured the Freezing Port on its morning show Saturday November 26, the online bashing of Space World really took off. Everything has been thrown at the park’s management from “lacking in morality” to “an insult to life”, and the detractors were not merely content with asking Space World to shut down the attraction but to go out of the business entirely.

Manager Toshimi Takeda was dismayed at the amount of hate being flung the way of their establishment. “We had endless opinions about the project, we were shocked,” Toshimi tells CNN. “We are sorry for the project and decided to close the rink on that night."

To create the macabre frozen scene, Space World purchased the small fish from a market dealer, meaning they were already dead and not frozen alive according to most rumors. The specimens in fact were rejected for sale to consumers as being substandard. As for other images on the tank that depicted sea turtles and whale sharks, they were merely photographs that were blown up and cut out for embedding in the ice. Now that the Freezing Port has been scrapped, the park is making plans to hold a memorial service for the 5,000 fishes in the ice, as they too have “worked hard” for Space World.

Just so you know, Fukuoka is the same city with the recent sinkhole incident, that was repaired in record time, but appears to be re-collapsing.

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