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Hey, in a past article I wrote about the planned expansion themed areas that are set to open at the dawn of the next decade in America’s Disney theme parks. The common theme in both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is that the US is on a Star Wars kick for attractions, what with near identical theme areas to be set up in both places that are meant to evoke the feel and atmosphere of the Force and the Galaxy Far, Far Away. As it turns out they’re not the only Disney theme park gearing up for some big additions.

IGN reports that Hong Kong Disneyland, the world’s smallest Disney theme park and currently experiencing a drop in visitor numbers, will be the lucky recipient of a $1.4 billion development plan announced by Disney which will go into the creation of two new themed areas, with all the needed attractions, establishments and facilities for the enjoyment of a new wave of eager guests, that will also be expected to generate some 5,000 to 8,000 new jobs for Hong Kong’s tourism industry. Construction is expected to last from 2018 to 2023.

So Hong Kong’s looking to make a huge comeback against Shanghai Disneyland? Well what better way to make that than being host to the very first ever Marvel Comics-themed area in any Disney theme park in the world? That’s right, it’s a whole entire Marvel zone and it will be centered on HKD’s new attraction, the Tony Stark Experience that will open this January 11, 2017. To put it in Stark techno- babble, it’s a “multi-sensory immersive motion ride” enabling guests to experience flying through the air next to Iron Man in a daring sky battle against the forces of HYDRA.

As for the second expansion, it’s going to cater to all those who are still under the thrall of the most ear-wormy song from the biggest animated hit of 2013, none other than “Frozen”. This themed area will be a recreation of the kingdom of Arendelle, with approximations of the Capital town, castle, and the ice palace on the snowy mountain, filled with appropriate rides, dining places, boutiques, and entertainment even as the film’s characters including Disney’s best sisters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna make the rounds with the revelers. You’ll have to wait, though; this won’t open until 2020.

In additional info from the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong commerce minister Greg So Kam-leung is confident that despite the dwindling tourist numbers to HKD in five years, the new additions are sure to recover the park from last 2015’s 6.8 million attendance to 9.5 million visitors by 2025. The park is currently celebrating the premiere of Disney’s “Moana”.

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