Thursday, November 3, 2016

“GAME OF THRONES” Now Most-Awarded TV Show in EMMYS

In 2011 HBO began a TV series based on a gritty low-fantasy book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, began by writer George R. R. Martin in 1996…and actually still hasn’t finished yet. The primetime show was named after the title of the first book, “Game of Thrones”, and went on to change television and the nature of storytelling like never before. For five years it has thrilled and shocked viewers with its treatment of a world that is equally engaging and crap-sack, where main characters die like flies and everything seems so meaningless in the face of death and destruction. Small wonder that it has been a darling for the Emmy Awards every year it has aired.

As of this September, according to The Telegraph, “Game of Thrones” has scooped up 12 major Primetime Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series, that one back to back for its 2015 win. Adding more awards won from the technical Emmy side, the total haul now comes up to around 38 individual awards, exceeding the old record of 37 by “Frasier” as the new most-awarded Primetime TV series ever.

Even better, one episode of Season 6, the penultimate “Battle of the Bastards”, also claimed the crown of being the most-awarded singled TV series episode in the Emmys. It got two major awards for writing and direction, and an additional four technical Emmys for a total of six, dethroning a 1995 episode of “E.R.”.

The magnificent performance of “Thrones” is only a small measure of HBO’s award-winning clout in the awards. Adding the total of all its shows, HBO as a network walked away from the Emmys with 22 plus 16 Creative Award Emmys, outpacing all other networks both cable and broadcast. The closest that ever got to HBO’s tally was FX with 18 awards. Streaming service Netflix came in third place with nine Emmys.

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