Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Do Everything in your Life Through FACEBOOK

Yeah I know how that must come across to readers as a completely audacious claim, but given certain new features and services being cooked up by the offices of Mark Zuckerberg’s baby, one can’t help but wonder if it’s a great deal closer to reality than anyone could ever imagine. Facebook really does seem lately to come across as making sure you stay on their platform by enabling you to do other things in it.

CNN reports on several new gimmicks that FB has been developing in order to cater to all possible needs of its massive user base. Last week on October 10 they launched a similar yet separate social network service originally called “Facebook at Work”, but now goes by the blunt moniker “Workplace”. The new service, having been beta tested since 2015, is specifically geared towards the use of businesses, enabling employees to communicate FB-style in the line of work.

It has an online bulletin board feature to keep employees up to speed on whatever event or announcement the firm has put out. Facebook Groups can then be organized within the company’s own echelons or across to other companies that the parent firm engages in business with. The Workplace platform can get bosses in touch with subordinates through messaging or calls and even do executive

Q&A sessions. Furthermore, being separate from FB means you don’t necessarily need to be on Facebook to open a Workplace account. One other difference is that Workplace charges a monthly subscription fee on users; a company on Workplace will have to pay $3 a month per employee they have if the total is under a thousand ($2 a head if over 1,000).

More recently on the 18 th , FB has also enabled “Endorsements”, made available for any political candidate or incumbent government official with an official (ugh, repetitive) Facebook account, and utilized by other users. Any user who supports a certain official or candidate can go to their FB page and click to publicly endorse them. The user’s endorsement will then appear on the official or candidate’s page, and the user’s page will then show that they have made an endorsement, with an option for writing down a reason for endorsing. Chalk it up to FB taking advantage of their platform being a new political battleground, with all the positives and negatives this implies.

Only a day later, October 19, FB then unleashed the “Recommendations” feature, enabling users to ask their FB friends for advice or recommendations on places to go eat, or shop, or ask for addresses of any particular utility service you’ll need like plumbers or ad printing, for example. The moment a user makes a post containing keywords (suggestion, etc.) or phrases (where should I…), Facebook will ask if the user wants the Recommendation feature activated, for friends to give their suggestions on. And if their recommended venues or services have FB accounts as well, then their location info will be presented on an embedded map for the user’s perusal.

These all sound mighty ominous, but not all new things on FB have been big hits either. The “Marketplace” feature has been turned from an in-house EBay into a joke service (offering to sell one’s babies or their own soul, for instance). Facebook had to take the feature down for tweaking.

Photo Credit to http://newsroom.fb.com/


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