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It’s roughly less than a month to go before Walt Disney Motion Pictures Studios and Lucasfilm bring movie audiences back to the Galaxy Far, Far Away in their first spin-off of the “Star Wars” franchise, the mid-quel prequel “Rogue One” starring Felicity Jones. As proven somewhat by “Episode VII: The Force Awakens” from December last year, Disney does have George Lucas’ original franchise creation well in hand, and in addition to the films released or about to be in theaters, they’ve also been cooking up how best to integrate the sci-fi standard to their prominently magical and bright image.

Judging from a pic circulating online, they’ve found a way.

Shown on Comic Book Resources is a piece of conceptual artwork by Disney revealing a bird’s eye view of the proposed new “Star Wars” themed land to be added on to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Sharp eyes however would realize that the locale depicted in the picture is a dead ringer for concept art unveiled by Disney last July on a similar themed area to be added – in this case – to Anaheim’s Disneyland Park, although the ground for both areas have already be broken for construction as far back as May. About the only differences between the first and second artwork was that the one for Disney’s Hollywood Studios was depicted in nighttime, while the plain old X-Wing fighter from the original was instead repainted in the custom colors of Black Leader pilot PoebDameron from “The Force Awakens”.

The new concept art was introduced to the public during a presentation of “D23: Destination D” at Walt Disney World. Both this and its Disneyland counterpart will be the largest added areas to any Disney theme parks at both 14 acres. With an expansion so big, certain attractions from both Disneyland’s Frontierland area and Disney’s Hollywood Studios were closed and torn down.

The “Star Wars” area is expected to have buildings and structures copying architecture from the film’s various galactic worlds such as Tatooine, Endor, Naboo and Coruscant. Proposed attractions include a “pilotable” mockup of the iconic Millennium Falcon space freighter, at battle recreation between forces of the Alliance-backed Resistance and the Empire remnants of the First Order, a themed street market and cantina (possibly copying Tatooine) and a restaurant that likely takes visual cues from Coruscant. There would also be “Force Opportunities” interactive exhibits scattered around the area where visitors, by means of good old SFX will be able to “levitate” physical objects and more using the Force.

No word is out yet on when the theme areas will be completed, but one thing to be sure of is “Rogue One” and its release date on December 16. Don’t miss it.

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