Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chocolate Lovers Angry Over New TOBLERONE Shape

I may not exactly love chocolate to the point that I’d actively buy them from stores, but if somebody handed me a bar, a piece or even a broken-off fragment of the stuff you can count on me to wolf it down. I don’t have any particular favorite brands either, but one particular name does resonate with me and I’m always happy whenever a visiting relative leaves it with any other presents at our home. That name is Toblerone, and it’s a guaranteed winner for me. Breaking off one triangular segment of its uniquely shaped bar and popping it in my mouth is one of my guilty pleasure memories; which is why I’m a tad thrown off by certain news regarding Toblerone lately.

See, The New York Times reports that on Tuesday November 8, choco-holics around the world with a fancy for Toblerone were shocked when they opened their newly bought packs for the day to discover what’s looking to be a travesty for everyone. The iconic triangular wedges of the Toblerone bar, which facilitated the easy breaking into bite-sized pieces, has gotten thinner; and as a result, the “pits” or gaps between each wedge has widened dramatically to the point that they look like a regular flat bar at those points, with even a dividing line that wasn’t there in the original version.

UK-based Mondelez International, Toblerone’s manufacturer, had actually announced the new shape of the bars in their Facebook page a full month ago, but it was only until chocolate fans held the new Toblerone in their hands that the changes became stark and unlikeable for them. The original configuration, in both 170-gram and 400-gram bar sizes, was reduced in weight by the thinner wedges to 150 and 360 grams respectively. The reason for the size reduction was rather obvious: rising prices for the milk chocolate’s ingredients. Mondelez’s external affairs head-UK Gemma Pryor issued a statement that the drastic measure was better than the alternative, keeping the wedge shapes but reducing the overall size. “We need to make sure it stays on the shelf and is affordable,” she said.

Still, it’s easy to understand the grousing of Toblerone consumers who have been dismayed by the change. By making the wedges thinner it was able to maintain the usual shape of its packaging, but now the chocolate content was an act of deceptive shortchanging if they have their say. Some social media users even went on to say that Toblerone’s new leanness was a result of the Brexit vote due to the cited rise of production costs, a claim that Pryor disputes.

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