Thursday, November 24, 2016

AUSSIE TEEN Goes in Court Over Being MEMEFIED

A teenager from Australia is up in arms and raring to sue several media outlets over the spread of a photo of him taken during a friend’s birthday party, which has gone viral on social media and spawned a fountain of internet memes, something he’s taken great exception to.

As BBC tells it, Ali Ziggi Mosslmani“Ziggy” for short – is looking to have The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Mail, and the Australian Radio Network litigated for counts of defamation, as these media firms have contributed to his unwanted popularity stemming from a picture taken of him during the birthday party of a friend, Paul Behman, in 2015. At the time Ziggy had been sporting a most uncommon haircut: a low Mohawk cut with shaved sides, but still kept long at the back. The initial culprit, photographer Jeremy Nool, posted the photo on his Facebook page, and from there life hasn’t been quite the same for Ziggy.

Reaction to the photo on FB was overwhelming with 10,000 reactions and 11,000 comments. From there, meme makers found a new target-rich environment, releasing photo edits and illustrations highlighting Ziggy’s hairstyle. One such meme, faved by his friend Behman, portrayed the photo as a poster on the wall, with Ziggy’s rear mullet excised from the shot and “held” in the hand of a blindfolded man, in a riff of the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” parlor game. Profiles of Ziggy on dollar bills and coins were also prominent online, and Nool even gathered some of the more liked picture memes on FB into his page gallery.

So why was Ziggy taking the matter to court instead of being flattered by his new memetic status? According to District Court Judge Judith Gibson, who heard the preliminary judgment, it’s not that the teen believes the people who spread his photos saw his hairdo as ugly; rather he thinks the numerous photo memes that erupted in his wake gave the impression that social media denizens found his mullet to be an object of ridicule.

Despite having been one of those who found the meme on his friend hilarious and even liked some pictures, Behman the birthday boy of that fateful day is fully supportive of Ziggy’s efforts to sue on account of his new notoriety. He’s even wishing for his success in suing the media, as that would sound really cool.

Nool the suspect shutterbug also feels sorry for throwing Ziggy into the spotlight against his will, but as he sees it, “Then again, it was just the perfect shot at the right time and in the post editing stage it was just the 'money shot'compared to all other photos in the album."

Ziggy’s case will be tried on November 17. 44e4-86ed-


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