Thursday, November 10, 2016

ANTI-TRUMP Protests Erupt After POLLS

Following up on all matters Trump ever since he won the recently concluded Presidential Elections, while his opponent Hillary Clinton and incumbent President Barack Obama are trying to match his surprisingly gracious post-victory statements with their own guarded assurances of cooperative transition, not everybody in the US are in the mood to be conciliatory or graceful in their candidate’s) defeat. Starting from loud dissent in social media, followed by gatherings at educational institutions and ultimately spilling out onto the streets, “loud-minority” voters held protests wherever they could assemble in order to make known how much they disapproved the results of the polls.

USA Today reports that in at least 10 cities across America as night fell on Wednesday November 9, the most vocal non-Trump supporters started impromptu protest marches even before the announcement that the business tycoon had run right over the magic 270 electoral votes to win the Oval Office over Clinton, which as of this writing is at a commanding 290 to 232. The protest action is roughly centered on a relatively new trending social media hash-tag, #NotMyPresident, and is the primary rallying cry of most of the disaffected. “Not now, not forever,” some of them added.

While many locations across the country saw upwards to thousands of people joining in theindignation, center stage of the brouhaha are the cities of New York and Washington DC, in particular two Trump buildings which suddenly found themselves besieged by local protesters. Two separate anti- Trump marches met outside the Trump International Hotel at the nation’s capital and merged into a noisy demonstration, the main gist being calls for the impeachment of President-elect Trump at the soonest possible time. Over at the White House both critics and fans of Trump held their own little programs, with the anti-Trumps holding candlelight vigils shown on Facebook while a silent protester held up an upside down American flag on a pole, pointing out the state of distress the country was in.

Trump Tower at NYC’s 57 th Street and Fifth Avenue was also the site of another mass demonstration decrying the election of the skyscraper’s proprietor to the highest office in the land. It got to the point where a woman demonstrator went topless as part of her protests amid catcalls at Trump that “P-- -y grabs back”, a stinging reference to the billionaire’s crude language in video footage for Playboy, which he had downplayed as harmless “locker room talk”. There were also some jabs at Clinton’s party, with some saying that the DNC let the people down.

Over at Boston there’s another angle of attack being launched: the abolition of the Electoral College in the election system, especially when it became apparent that outside the electoral count Clinton was actually ahead of Trump in the popular vote.

While many indignant Americans at these protests are also aware that their actions will not overturn the election results, they’re hopeful that it could affect feelings in the future, like ensuring Trump gets impeached or at the very least, that the people will not vote for him a second time four years from now.

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