Friday, October 28, 2016

Touching Story of a DYING DOG Who Lived to See OWNER'S WEDDING

The reciprocal force of the love of an owner for his pet, and the utter devotion of the pet towards his owner, can be one of the most profound powers in the known world. Only a very small group of people couldn’t possibly be overwhelmed by some emotion or other at the sight of some owner-pet displays of affection. What follows is a ridiculously touching story of such a bond between man and animal, taken from ABC News affiliate WTVM, and I can probably guarantee you’ll want tissues afterwards.

A recent wedding in Colorado between two veterinarians was equal parts heartwarming and bittersweet when taking into account the ceremony’s guest of honor. His name was Charlie Bear, black-haired Labrador mix with soulful eyes who has been a pet of the bride, Kelly O’Connell since she was 19 years old. That was 15 years ago, and at the time of the wedding old Charlie was living on borrowed time, dying from a brain tumor.

It could probably be considered a miracle that Charlie even made it to the wedding day to attend. O’Connell and her then-fiancée James Garvin had been witness to the dog’s steadily deteriorating condition with the constant seizures brought on by his tumor, to the point that they had arranged for an associate vet to visit their home and put Charlie to sleep exactly one week before they were to get married. However O’Connell noted that, on what would have been the fateful day, “It was almost as if he was like ‘no I want to see this.’ He got better.”

And so, after a whole week of waiting without any sudden drop in his terminal condition, Charlie Bear was able to be there for his person’s wedding. He was even able to walk with O’Connell up the aisle, but as apparently he had been hanging out with one of the child guests before the march of the wedding procession, Charlie was all tuckered out at the altar, too exhausted to follow his person and her new husband away. Thankfully O’Connell’s sister and maid of honor went to pick up Charlie and carry him over to the bride and groom for the photo ops.

Seeing the geriatric canine so showered with love and affection, the Garvins’ personal friend and wedding photographer Jen Dziuvenis said of the spectacle, “There isn’t enough mascara in the world for these moments. Dog people are the best people.”

Mere days after the wedding, Dziuvenis posted the ending of the story on Instagram: “I know a lot of you have been following Charlie's story and I wanted to give you one final update. He was found abandoned in a shopping cart and lived 15 amazing years with people who loved him. We should all be so lucky. Last night he passed away. Sending all the good thoughts to his family. You were loved, Charlie bear!”


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