Wednesday, October 26, 2016

“SUPER TRUMP” AD: What is this I Don't Even

It’s just about a month and a half away from the 2016 US Presidential Elections, and all candidates – and campaign supporters – involved are starting to throw their heaviest ammunition against one another. Every single shown or perceived weakness of the opposition is slammed and exploited while putting their own side on the highest pedestals. After Democratic bet Hillary Clinton was revealed to have been sick with pneumonia and kept it secret, adherents of her GOP counterpart Donald Trump decided to unleash an ad campaign to mock Clinton’s frailty and present their candidate as a veritable superhuman fit to be President.

The result, as reported by The New York Post, is a digital ad shown on a 55-foot tall billboard screen in Times Square called “Super Trump”. Exactly as it says, the advertisement is a loop of Donald Trump, or rather his head, imposed on a Superman-esque costumed body with a T in place of the S, flying through the clouds towards the viewer with the American flag in the background and his campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again”. The ad, positioned between 46 th and 47 th Streets on Broadway is expected to run from Tuesday September 13 to Saturday September 16.

This temporary monument to the Trump personality cult of sorts was the brainchild of the Committee to Restore America PAC headed by Trump adviser Roger Stone. In line with his flamboyant personality, the “self-proclaimed” GOP hit-man and rabble-rouser has taken the term “deplorable”, espoused by Clinton in a recent speech to describe the extremist support base of “racists, sexists, xenophobes, and homophobes”, and turned it into the ultimate compliment for all professed members of the “alt-right” who share views with Trump. Columnist Dana Milbank of the Washington Post had commented that Clinton’s remark was spot on.

Reactions of the Times Square pedestrian on the Super Trump ad, according to interviews by BBC, range from amused humor, despair at how the elections have been reduced to mockery, and taking the imagery as ironic satire. Some Britons who have seen the billboard have remarked on the appropriateness of the ad to Trumps personality putting him at an advantage, especially in light of Clinton’s health issues; others can only hope that American’s wouldn’t take the idea of a superhero Trump at face value.

After its Times Square run, the digital ad is said to be moved next week to light up the I-4 Corridor in Florida.

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