Tuesday, October 11, 2016

SONY Presents The PLAYSTATION 4 and the PS4 SLIM

While Apple was going in guns blazing, Sony too was gearing up for its own product presentation. Three years after they unleashed the PlayStation 4 console upon the worldwide gaming community, they’re now introducing the new powered up version of their trusty video game workhorse. In gaming comparison, this would be the “Ultra Street Fighter IV” to the baseline PS4’s “Street Fighter IV”.

As the Wall Street Journal has it, the upgraded PS4, formerly called the “Neo” and now going by “PlayStation 4 Pro”, was formally presented to the public at a press event in New York City this Wednesday September 7, the same day as Apple’s iPhone 7 debuted over in San Francisco. Priced at around $399 a unit, they will hit gaming stores this coming November 10.

PS4 Pro creator Mark Cerny tells attendees of the event pretty much what everyone expects of the new upgraded console. "It's for the hardcore gamer,” he says, “or the one who's invested in a high- definition [display]."

That’s pretty much the Pro’s main draw. It has a faster processor, a larger hard drive storage space to the tune of 1 terabyte, and bleeding-edge graphics capabilities to play on ultra-high resolution of 4K, and HDR TV. Needless to say it’s got the oomph to handle 4K-quality games too. Heck it’s also compatible with the Sony PlayStation virtual headset that will come out in October.

But that’s not all. Sony’s also repackaged the baseline PS4 into a smaller, slimmer machine similar to what was done with the original PlayStation console all those years ago, how time does fly. In addition to the reduced size the PS4 Slim will be 30% more energy efficient and cost only $299, a hundred dollars less than the original PS4 back in 2013. The Slim comes out this September 15.

Not content with introducing new hardware, Sony then announced a firmware upgrade that will be available online beginning September 11 or 12. It will enable all existing and active PS4 consoles to gain HDR functionality.

As of to date, Sony has sold upwards of 43 million PS4 consoles, far outstripping primary competitors Microsoft with their Xbox One and Nintendo with the wobbly Wii U, and they see another 20 million units when spring comes next year.

Sony couldn’t afford to sit on their laurels any time soon, as Microsoft has already made known their own step up on consoles with the Xbox Scorpio back in June, worth $600 and expected to come on sale in 2017.

While Nintendo still hasn’t come up with a new console concept to replace the Wii U, they do have a new portable device lined up in the NX, to be introduced in the near future.

Photo Credit to GameSpot


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