Friday, October 21, 2016

SMART Presents the New O+PRESTO 700 LTE Prepaid Phone Kit

Wow, Smart. If you’re a subscriber you’ve got to love them. We here have already run articles about some of the innovations Smart has pushed all to give the best service they can to their consumers, like the latest version of their mobile app for account management and customer service. Now they’ve unleashed what has got to be their greatest masterstroke yet to gain the edge over the rest of the competition.

If you’re interested in finally switching to a Smart Life, or already living it but would like to go to the next level, look no further than Smart’s newest Prepaid Phone Kit because it’s the most unbelievable mobile package they’ve ever put together! Everything hinges on the all new O+ Presto 700 LTE, one of the best and most advanced smartphones ever designed. It’s among the frontrunners in the latest mobile phone development to wow the market: Long-Term Evolution or LTE, enabling you to surf and stream at speeds that put to shame everything that came before!

And the LTE benefits of streaming video absolutely go well with the Presto 700 LTE’s 5-inch FWWGA screen, for nicely-sized and clear images. It also runs on the latest Android Marshmallow MOS, offering unheard of levels of data and info security, battery-saving perks and more. Speaking of data, how do 8GB ROM and 512MB RAM sound to you? What about a 1.3-gigahertz Quadcore processor? Just imagine the photos and videos you’ll capture with the 8MP camera with flash, or the selfies you can post with the 5MP front cam. The 2000 mAh battery will keep you going for quite a while too, and the connectivity with 3G and LTE is of course a major selling point of this sweet phone.

Now when you avail of Smart’s O+ Presto 700 LTE Prepaid Kit, you’ll also get to enjoy some great bonuses, like one P300 Smart Prepaid Load Card. What’s more, you’ll get free data for a whole year (100MB a month) and a P30 monthly load reward for every time you load at least P100. It’s so stupendously incredible that unfortunately, it can be there for you until the promo’s last day on December 31, 2016, so you don’t really have that much time at all!

You can never get any more affordable when it comes to the best LTE-capable smartphone brand than the O+ Presto 700 LTE, especially since it can only come from Smart Prepaid! What more do you need to finally start living a truly #SmartLTELife? For only P2,188 along with one P300 prepaid load card purchase, you’ll be blessed with a whole year of free data for YouTube streaming, and dozens more load rewards too. Visit and join the LTE revolution! You only have until the year’s end!


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