Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Depressed Person's Cleanup of Room Goes Viral on Social Media

Depression can be a very touchy subject, and not so easy to determine too. After all, those who suffer from its sometimes crushing grip are in no mood to talk about it, and any attempt to get at the heart of what they’re sad about might only serve to make them more withdrawn. But sometimes a depressed person somehow finds the strength to, for even a short period of time, climb out of the abyss they find themselves in and somehow turn things around for a bit.

An anonymous depression sufferer has taken to social media to illustrate how their condition has affected the surroundings that they lived in, but also to record how one string of a few good days can empower them to score a win over their internal opponent in some small ways. Whoever this person is – their online handle is too vulgar to be used to address them – their victory has gone viral online at 300,000 views within 24 hours, and caught the attention of the Trending section of the BBC website.

It’s a simple post really, just a “Before” and “After” pair of photos showing the depressed one’s small bedroom shown on image-sharing network Imgur. The “Before” looks like a very stark mess, with trash everywhere, bottles littering the floor, clothes and other stuff filling the bed to the point that one wonders if the person was even sleeping on it, which maybe not.

In the accompanying caption the depressed poster narrates: “I suffer from severe depression and have a really hard time with cleaning and doing other kinds of household work. My room have[sic] been this messy for several months because I can't push myself to take care of it. But this Friday I decided to finally do it!”

You’d all be pleased to learn that our depression sufferer kept their word and stuck to it. The “After” picture was taken three days later; that was how much time the poster needed to get rid of the junk in the room and put all the non-junk back in their proper order. And it shows. Were it not for the framed portraits and bookshelves on the wall it could be easy to mistake the room as from a motel. And the caption is equal parts chipper and self-effacing, with the proclamation, “You can finally see that I have a floor!” Extra notice was also given to the poster’s teddy bear now resting comfortably on the bed’s pillow, and a happy opinion that the (not so) depressed person is comfortable with inviting friends over thanks to the clean room.

Most of the positive feedback on Imgur came from fellow depression sufferers praising the poster’s great effort, saying that they too have been inspired to do something constructive to stave off the depression. Good for them all.

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Photo Credit to HealthiNation and BuzzFeed


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