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Sometimes it feels to me that it’s only been in the 2010s that a lot of fuss in media and online is being made about an international traveler’s experience with airports. In more recent years the furor of international airport reputations being made or broken by the critiques of social media regulars blogging or tweeting what they like, or didn’t, has been more pronounced than ever.

As the year 2016 comes to a close, the Guide to Sleeping in Airports website has compiled a new annual listing of the world’s most awesome – and the most annoying – airports. As CNN tells it, the website uses three categories for determining the lists, with the third category being a generalized combination of the first two. So we have international airports ranked from top to bottom according to: 1) best for sleeping so passengers can get a good rest, 2) best for layovers so that transit passengers won’t miss their connecting flights and have fun waiting, and 3) best in overall experience.

The running trend in past lists that GSA has put out in years past has been that Asian airports have got the edge over the rest of the world. In fact, certain Asian countries usually end up with more than one international airport of theirs in the Top 10 list in any of the three categories. Totally beast among them is the “Grand Slam Champion” of sorts, Singapore’s celebrated Changi International Airport, which this year happens to be number one in sleeping, layovers and overall experience.

So we won’t take much space, we’ll list only the top third best airport in each category, as Singapore’s Changi and South Korea’s Seoul Incheon have gold and silver medals across the board. The third best airport for sleeping is Tallinn, Estonia; the third best for layover is Munich, Germany; and the third best overall is Tokyo Haneda. Japan.

On the other side of the coin, the GSA website concurs that there is only one single worst airport in the world for all three categories: Jeddah King Abdulaziz in Saudi Arabia. Rounding out the top three worst are the following. For sleeping: 2) London Luton, UK and 3) Reykjavik-Keflavik, Iceland. For layovers: 2) Manila Ninoy Aquino Interational Airport (NAIA), Philippines and 3) Los Angeles (LAX), USA.

Finally, the second and third worst airports in the world for overall experience are 2) Juba, South Sudan and 3) Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The lists were compiled from a survey conducted by Guide to Sleeping in Airports for traveler respondents throughout the previous months.

Visit for more details on the best and worst airport listings, tips on making lengthy or overnight airport stays more comfy and enjoyable, and a chance to post your

own review of airports you’ve departed or arrived at.

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