Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All Out of IPHONE 7s

It would appear that, despite grumbling from long-time traditional mobile phone owners over the loss of the classic audio headphone jack, the new Apple iPhone 7 and its slightly larger two-camera lens variant the iPhone 7 Plus is coasting comfortably on first-day and first-weekend sales. On second thought, that’s too tame a description: they’re selling better than hotcakes. Apple hasn’t publicized any specific numerical figures as of yet, but they have confirmed that the 7 Plus is completely sold out, as well as the jet black color variant of the basic iPhone 7. That’s huge.

Forbes reports that already, major mobile providers T-Mobile and Sprint have reported dramatic pre-order numbers of iPhone 7s from their service customers; we’re talking almost four times the pre- orders of the previous generation iPhone 6 way back in 2014. To put it into perspective, when you put together all US subscribers of Sprint and T-Mobile they make up 30% of the total mobile market share.

Granted, orders do not translated to actual sales at least until the pre-ordered iPhone 7 is in the customer’s hand, but it’s still highly encouraging especially to Apple’s many investors.

Furthermore, another thing Apple’s got going for it in the early days of the iPhone 7 on the market, is the slew of reports from analysts like RBC and Morgan Stanley that have done wonders for the company stock, up 8% this week. Take for example Morgan Stanley’s dedicated Apple analyst Katy Huberty, who predicts that only 25% of Apple’s roughly 600 million strong user base needs to switch to an iPhone 7 for them to beat her estimates in consensus with other analysts. She chalks this up to the extremely aggressive marketing being put out by American mobile service carriers for the iPhone 7, and the anticlimactically low level of backlash at having no more audio jack.

Anyway, back to the selling-out of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It’s true; Apple announced Thursday
 September 15 that their initial batches of units set aside for pre-ordering are just wiped out. Walk-in customers at Apple stores on the official release Friday September 16 are out of luck with the jet black 7 and all units of the 7 Plus. They’ll have to make do with the choice of a basic iPhone 7 in (ordinary) black, (ordinary) gold, rose gold, and silver, with the added caveat that even these variants are now in “limited quantities”. Online ordering is still on however wannabe iPhone 7 owners are in for the long haul in waiting.

Thanks to the iPhone 7 and Plus, Apple has surged ahead of mobile OS rival Alphabet (of Google and Android) by $60 billion to end at being worth over $600 billion. Truly, Samsung’s loss is Apple’s gain.

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