Tuesday, September 13, 2016


On Tuesday September 6 the second season of the chilling drama-thriller series “Zoo” will end in an epic 2 hour finale of the last two episodes back to back. Things come to an intense head as the US Government mobilizes for the Noah Objective, the systematic killing of most if not all the infected animals aggressively trying to kill off the human race, but will also kill countless humans in the process.

Time is running on in many ways than one, as teased in the finale trailer put out by CBS on Twitter. Dr. Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke) and Jamie Campbell (Kristen Connolly) must gather their ragtag task force of specialists investigating the “defiant” animal phenomenon at the remote island called Pangaea where cure is being finalized, while zoologist Jackson Oz (James Wolk) tries to contain the mutation and violent urges the “phase two” infection he got from an infected dog bite in the season 1 finale. But with his love interest Chloe (Nora Arnezeder) dead, does he still have a resolve to stay the beast inside him?

As the clock ticks to a deliberate calamity of apocalyptic proportions, things appear to take a sudden turn as seen in the trailer with Mitch being confronted by US Army General Davies, the official who would command the implementation of the Noah Objective. You know what the kicker is? Davies accuses them of having destroyed humanity instead.

The answers to the many questions regarding the conspiracy and the animals’ genocidal campaign against humans will be revealed in the season 2 finale of “Zoo” on September 6 at 9 EST / 8 C on CBS. Just don’t expect any resolution yet however, as the series has been extended with a third season next year. Yes I know; the wait’s going to be killer.

Photo Credit to tvafterdark.com