Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You Can Now ZOOM Without Problems on Instagram

Instagram has been one of those photo-sharing services that became a sort of fixture in the whole online social media scene. As co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom says, one doesn’t need to know English or any particular language to understand someone else’s photo, and this philosophy has been the bread and butter of Instagram.

But out of a desire to understand pictures shared on the network came the need for being able to magnify the images to get a closer look. This was especially bad on mobile devices, wherein the usual zooming action of double-tapping or pinching at the touch screen usually resulted in an accidental like of the photo or video.

On desktops, zooming in on an Insta pic is just as tedious. It usually involves making a screenshot of the Instagram post and its static photo, then opening the file in any photo-editing program outside of the photo-sharing platform and doing the zoom work there. All in all, the whole business of magnifying images was troublesome.

Well, Instagram may finally have a solution to that problem, according to TIME. On Wednesday August 31 the pic-based social network announced the implementation of a brand-new and long awaited feature: actual ZOOM! Now you can perform your closer scrutiny of photos and uploaded  videos right there at the Instagram platform itself.

But hold your horses. The feature is for the moment available only on the mobile app version, so desktop users will have to wait some more. Oh, and it only works on iOS at first so that means users with Android devices have to stew for another week or so; it’s coming soon there, Instagram says. But hey, it’s all a start, right?

So, seeing as Zoom is for Instagram mobile right now, that means the feature uses the more fine-control “pinch-action” for zooming. Two fingers on the touchscreen then slide then apart to zoom in or “pinch” them closer to zoom out. It’s as simple as that. You can zoom away at your photo feed, anybody’s profile page or the general Explore tab.

Needless to say, the Zoom announcement has been met with much rejoicing on social media (where else?). Twitter is filled with happy little tweets over it.

The Zoom feature is but the latest in a line of power-ups to the Instagram platform that intends to broaden the network’s appeal and its user base. From the debut of its current snazzy logo, the improvements have kept coming. From the boomerang feature that uniquely loops Insta vids by playing forwards to the end then backwards, to the sort of clone to Snapchat Stories unimaginatively called Instagram Stories, and now the Zoom feature. What next is in store for us?

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