Thursday, September 8, 2016


As a child I had a small group of things I liked to eat and would without my mother’s urging: eggs, hotdogs, meat loaf, instant noodles, pork chops and fried chicken. Ah yes, that last one’s probably the most important one for me. I was fascinated by fried chicken; other ways of cooking chicken didn’t appeal to me then. I especially loved the skin of fried chicken. There was a time when it was really all I ate off the dish, leaving the meat on the bones much to ma’s consternation.

Why not? I thought it was the tastiest part. Ma tried to scare me of the habit by saying how the skin and fatty parts of chicken (and pork, for that matter) was very bad for me if I ate too much. As a high school home economics teacher, I realize in hindsight she does know what she’s talking about;although she did ramp up the fear factor thinking it would stick to me as a youngster. Perhaps it did, I’m not sure. Throughout the years I’ve read magazine articles jiving with what she said, and I can accept that. But then some new info comes along that turns general knowledge upside down and reaffirms my belief that what I ate was good, sort of.

It’s fairly old info mind you, from the Harvard School of Public Health. What they were saying is that the skin and fat on cooked chicken is unsaturated fat, the sort of fat that has healthy and beneficial effects, especially on your ticker. Heck, eating the stuff according to the report could help significantly with getting rid of those nasty artery-clogging cholesterols and keeping blood pressure down.

Also, the fact that frying or roasting chicken with the skin on helps keep the meat moist and locks in the flavor is such a sweet bonus. For that, the 50 additional calories that skin adds on cooked chicken upon consumption is no skin off my nose. I didn’t know all this when I was a kid but I’m happy just the same.

Now just to be safe, I’ll have to put down this part. Like every other beneficial things in the world, chicken skin will still give you problems if you eat it too often and in excess. That’s because chicken beats all other types of meats in the amount of omega-6 content, which causes body inflammation when there’s too much. So eat moderately and responsibly; you’ll enjoy it better.

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