Friday, September 23, 2016

The All New MYSMART Mobile App is Here

Smart Communications has always been in the forefront when it comes to providing online customer service by means of mobile apps. And what’s more, they are constantly innovating and improving upon the capabilities and features they have available on their app services. Why, just at the end of July this year they released the MySmart app which was revamped to coincide with their company’s new image branding and logo, to resounding success. The good news is, they haven’t rested on their laurels for one bit, and now they’ve got something even more wonderful to share.

This September Smart is unleashing the all-new My Smart App, a self-service online platform that is the final word to Smart subscribers in managing their various accounts. Everything you recall from previous versions of the app is retained here: checking of account balances and data usage, pulling up of account data and profiles, and the activation – or deactivation – of perks and additional features, all presented in large fonts for easy reading, with icons for quick menu navigation, and in the bright and cheery yet cool and relaxing color scheme of the Smart logo.

But what really rocks with this new My Smart App is the wide selection of new features and services that will take your Smart subscriptions to an entirely new level. For instance, the entire body of possible services and features have been divided into four general categories: phone SIM transactions for Smart postpaid accounts (including for Infinity), Smart prepaid accounts (including services for Talk & Text subscribers, a welcome addition), broadband SIM transactions for Smart Bro Postpaid.

Common options across all categories are for account information, buying available service add- ons (additional data can really enhance the listening experience when using music streaming services like Spinnr), and balance and data usage checking (a godsend for subscribers streaming shows and films from iFlix, for example). Phone services enable retrieval of PUKs in case of emergencies. Postpaid services give the option for electronic billing and auto-debit enrollment, prepaid of course enables subscribers to buy e-load and pay bills with them. Tracking and redeeming Smart Perks loyalty points have never been easier too. And if there are some problems encountered in one’s account, the My Smart App simplifies getting customer service with help ticket filing options.

Just like before, the My Smart App is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Never before has a mobile carrier app given the customer such an incredible level of control over his or her personal account. Leave it to My Smart App to give you this power anytime, anywhere.