Monday, September 5, 2016

First Female BRAZILIAN PRESIDENT Succesfully Impeached

With the Olympic fever come and gone, Brazil has been double-timing it in order to get everyday life for country and people normalized again. And that means the Senate making a final decision on the impeachment trial of its incumbent – and first femalepresident, Dilma Rousseff, which has been put forth since April and going on since May 12.

BBC reports that on the morning of Wednesday August 31 the Brazilian Senate voted 61-20 to have Rousseff impeached on charges of violating the country’s budgetary laws. In her place Vice- President Michel Temer, a former Rousseff ally who had joined her opponents and was serving in the capacity of Acting President upon the acceptance of the impeachment indictment in the Senate, was sworn in that afternoon as President in his own right, to finish off the remainder of Rousseff’s term until 2019.

The 75-year old leading figure of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party addressed the cabinet in his first meeting after the impeachment vote, requesting them to begin damage control of the chaos after his predecessor’s dismissal in order to disprove accusations from Rousseff supporters that her impeachment was merely a cover to a coup d’√©tat. He promised to tackle chronic unemployment and set the national economy towards the path of recovery.

It sounds like a tall order with the recent statistics of nearly 12 million unemployed Brazilians, which Temer describes as scary and undignified in his speech. He further stated that his inauguration would be the beginning of a “new era”.

Unfortunately the ouster of the 68-year old and left-wing Rousseff, who lived a dangerous youth as a Marxist guerilla, left a bad impression of Brazil on her South American neighbors, especially those with similar left-leaning leadership, in particular Venezuela and Ecuador.

Meanwhile Rousseff supporters held rallies all over the country denouncing Temer. The impeached former president, who was of the leftist Worker’s Party, is insistent that she had committed no crime. Her fellow party member Sen. Lindbergh Farias called the ouster a farce. Both believe the proceedings were merely a power grab by their Democratic Movement rivals.

One the other end Democrat Sen. Ronaldo Caiado contends that Rousseff’s impeachment was sound, saying that it came about when “90% of the population said ‘no more’”, referring to the Workers Party.

Rousseff was charged with the reallocation of funding between government budgets, which under Brazilian law is illegal. Her critics opine that she did so in order to cover up budget deficits in her government programs, enticing the people to re-elect her in 2014.

Already Temer has received well-wishes from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the start of his term. He is also set to attend the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China this weekend.

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