Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CONVERSE Counter Climate Collection: Take on the Weather

It can’t be helped: the climate change phenomenon has altered our weather patterns and unleashed some really intense conditions that could ruin our day if we’re not prepared for it. And Converse is ready to help you weather the nasty rains and surface conditions by presenting their new product lineup for the 2016 fall and Holiday seasons, the Counter Climate Footwear Collection. Their latest variety of shoes are designed to give you a leg up on any changes of weather and state of terrain, be it floor, road or ground. All of these are complemented by some snazzy sportswear that not only looks great but gives you added protection from the elements.

In this next generation of Converse sneakers you’ll be pleased to know that the new weatherproof features are not only in new models but in revamped versions of classic Converse designs that have been beefed up to take on the changing climes. The typical Converse wide selection of bright colors to choose from are merely the tip of the iceberg for the new shoes, as you’ll be sure to appreciate the innovative material construction that goes into them. In fact you’ll get to choose the category of protection you might need: leather, rubber and shield canvas levels of water repelling and waterproofing to ensure a sudden rain or wet floor won’t get to your feet and make you lose your footing, with the Lunarlon sock lining and non-slip tongue make putting your shoes on and taking them off so easy and comfortable. 

Thanks to the special Durable Water Repellant (DWR) treatment on all footwear on the Counter Climate Collection, not only can you survive inclement weather with style and comfort, the special heat retention properties will also keep your feet safe and warm in the harshest of elements, even winter.

To the fans of the immortal Converse Chuck Taylor design, rejoice! The Counter Climate Collection has considerably toughened up the latest incarnation of your beloved Chucks. You’ll be sure to appreciate the Chuck Taylor All Star II coming in totally water resistant Shield Canvas or breathable Rubber variants, with the former boasting enhanced-visibility barrel laces and the latter with a heat- reflecting barrier foot-bed to keep your lower digits nice and toasty.

A third choice for countering the climate is the Cons One Star Shield Canvas, combining the defining features of the new Chucks – water repelling and breathability – and adding a traction rubber outsole, giving your feet a nice non-slip grip on slippery surfaces.

Converse’s other named model, the Jack Purcell Signature, also gets a double variant in this collection. You can go for the Twill Shield Canvas or the M-Series, your choice in styling while getting the benefits of heat regulating material and breathable mesh lining, as well as reflective heel tabs or stays that are a godsend for low visibility conditions.

Finally, Converse ensures the Counter Climate benefits are not only for your feet but the rest of your body too, with the Converse Essentials athletic apparel that will not only keep you weather- protected, but ensure great comfort and fit; not only does the managed shrinkage treatment ensure that your Converse Essentials stay the same size as you bought it, but will also get softer as they age.

Take your pick from the Converse Essentials Tee shirt, pullover hoodie sweater, full zip hoodie sweater and Essentials Jogger pants. Or get one of each!

You’ll be happy to know that the entire Converse Counter Climate Footwear and Essentials Collection is now available nationwide, and just the right time too. Check out Converse Philippines’ Facebook page at for more information. But you really don’t need any further encouragement.


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