Thursday, September 8, 2016

CLINTON Campaign Gains $143 MILLION from August FUNDRAISING

Just over two months away from the 2016 US Presidential Elections, the ugly and messy war between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton rages on. And like any other war, both sides rely on funding to continue the fight, in this case to sway more voters to support one side over the other.

Speaking of which, on Thursday September 1, Clinton announced that her fundraising efforts all throughout the previous month of August has gathered a cool sum amounting to $143 million, the best showing yet throughout her race to the Presidency.

According to NBC San Diego, Clinton raised up to $62 million for her own official campaign of “Hillary for America”, while $81 million was raised for the Democratic National Committee as well as thestate-level Democratic parties. The latter is to be channeled through the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary Action Fund. These funds were gathered together from donations made by about 2.3 million individuals across the nation at an average worth of $50; added to cash already on hand the grand total comes to somewhere around $152 million.

That gives Clinton $68 million to spend on September’s campaign against Trump while allied funds have $84 million. The Democratic nominee’s share will likely go towards launching a large-scale ad campaign focused on the swing states to turn in her favor.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook acknowledged the 2.3 contributors in a press release, saying that their trust has given the Democratic campaign just the right amount of resources needed to galvanize national voters to support Clinton. He then fired another shot at Trump and the Republicans, adding that the rival candidate’s “Divisive rhetoric continues to drive voters away from him and the Republican Party and has created new opportunities for Democrats up and down the ticket. These resources will help us to register and turnout millions of voters to elect progressive candidates across the country."

The Washington Post reported that the lion’s share of campaign contributions came from among the most affluent Democrats throughout the United States. Several of them have privately conferred with Clinton during her visits to Connecticut, Massachusetts and California. One such visit by Clinton in Cape Cod purportedly carried the entry fee of $50,000 a head.

On the other side, Trump has yet to make any new announcements regarding his latest round of fundraising. His last report was an $80 million take alongside the Republican National Committee last July.

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