Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wonderful SANTA BARBARA RANCH Worth $108 Million

Ever since April of this year, a magnificent slice of oceanfront paradise on earth has been up for sale in Santa Barbara, just waiting for somebody with a taste for luxurious comfort dressed up in rural atmosphere. Well, that and $108 million to spend as well.

Featured in a recent article on People, the Las Varas Ranch in Goleta is 1,800 acres of California that encompasses everything about the state: white sand beaches, fruit orchards, and a breathtaking mountain panorama. Originally two adjacent parcels of land, the Las Varas Ranch was developed in the 1960s as the dream home of Timothy Doheny, of old oil money by his tycoon grandfather Edward Lawrence Doheny.

In 2005 Doheny tried to apply for, and was turned down for trying to put up more houses near the ocean due to environmental conservation concerns. After his death in 2009, his 70-year old widow Anita, growing increasingly burdened by the management of the property – as well as the long drive to Los Angeles and back – has decided, despite the emotional attachment to her and her late husband’s homestead, to put it on the market.

This is the first time in 50 years that the property has been for sale. Its $108 million asking price is very close to equaling the largest non-commercial sale in record for Santa Barbara County, a $135 million deal back in 2007.

The centerpiece of Las Varas, encompassing 520 acres, consists of the two-mile stretch of beach, two flowing creeks, tasteful landscaping with English and Italian-style gardens and two orchards, one for lemon and the other for avocado. The rest of the acreage rolls onto the Santa Ynez Mountains, a green carpet of grass and trees that could pass for a location on Middle-Earth.

Existing structures include the Spanish-style main ranch house that, while not equipped with a typical rich-house movie theater or champagne bar-slash- wine cellar, is still quite lavishly appointed, if quaint and rustic-looking. An older building on the site is a ranch manager’s home, built in the early 1900’s. Rounding out the constructs are some ranch buildings for the Las Varas stock of 50 cattle and several horse, staff houses, two tennis courts, and a series of sandstone tunnels leading all the way to the sand.

In addition to the Las Varas property, a prospective buyer will gain the services of a cowboy ranch manager looking after the animals. So for anyone with the scratch and an eye for beautiful vistas, the Las Varas Ranch is a great estate to look into.

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