Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The thing about Donald Trump and his notoriously irreverent and inflammatory speeches is how quickly they can be used and exploited by others. One has to look no further at his “Second Amendment people” line to see how seriously it can be reversed against him.

Another example is his assertion that “America doesn’t win anymore”. It jives with his core campaign slogan to “Make America Great Again”, because in order for that mantra to make sense, the reality would have to be as Trump wants everyone to see: that America right now is no longer “great” (something his Democratic opposite number, Hillary Clinton, does not believe according to her speeches). He gives his reasons – reverses in trade, problems with immigration and threats to national security – and insists that yes, America hasn’t been victorious in a long time now.

It didn’t take long for Trump critics to take that statement and rebound it against the GOP candidate again, only this time for laughs. The reason, as covered by media sources like CNN, is that these past few days, American athletes have been making a killing, medal-wise, on the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Twitter once again was filled with witticisms regarding some key American victories in Rio and Trump’s “cynical” proclamation. Last Friday August 12, Republican Ohio Governor (and Trump holdout) John Kasich ribbed on “someone” saying “America doesn’t win anymore” just as the US swim team, led by household name Michael Phelps and new rising star Katie Ledecky, won a lion’s share of gold medals for the swimming events. Ledecky in particular not only put a great distance between her and the other swimmers during the women’s 800-meter freestyle – she was 11 seconds ahead of second placer Jazmin Carlin from Great Britain – but she also broke her own personal world record in doing it, a remarkable 8:04.79 finish.

Earlier on Thursday August 11, Simone Manuel won gold in an individual swimming event, the first African-American to do so for the US in the Olympics. Tweeting on the event, Clinton supporter and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden opined that its diversity makes the US win, the same diversity that Trump is tearing apart.

And yet another Republican official who is not keen on Trump, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, Tweeted a picture of big winner Simone Biles and her US gymnastics teammates holding up their gold medals for their victories on the gymnastics mat. He too scoffed at the “America doesn’t win” thing.

The United States continues to lead the medal count, and can now boast having crossed the 1,000 gold medal mark ever since the 1896 Athens Olympics. Right now, Trump’s conviction that “America doesn’t win anymore” rings ever hollow for his critics.

Photo Credit to fortune.com


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