Saturday, August 20, 2016


We’ve managed to cover some of the action and popular trends for this year’s Summer Olympics in past articles. Surely you remember the one about the wedding proposal madness in the events? In addition to China’s He Zi and Qin Kai, and Brazil’s Isadora Xerullo and her event organizer partner, we have the requisite “#LoveWins” pair of GB’s Tom Bosworth and his boyfriend Harry Dinely, American Will Claye and his girl Queen Harrison, and another Brit Charlotte Dujardin (sort of) who was asked by her fiancé Dean Golding if they could wed after her dressage event. 

But that wasn’t the only unusual happening in Rio for the Games. Thankfully, BBC went to the trouble of compiling some of the weird and odd stuff that happened alongside this pinnacle of international athletic competition.

1) Putting crystals on gymnastic leotards

Ever since Russian-born American Olympian Nastia Liukin competed in Beijing 2008 with her leotard artfully dotted with Swarovski crystals (184 in all), Team USA has been hell-bent on putting the sparkly bling on their girls. Gabby Douglas in London 2012 had 1,188 on hers. Now each USA gymnastics leotard has close to 5,000 crystals in them. Quoth the Swarovski Company’s Alexander Wellhoefer:

“We’re in a crystal arms race”.

2) Squiggly ornaments in place of flowers

You must have noticed that Rio medalists don’t get bouquets along with their medals. Instead they would receive a weird ornament that looks like a paperweight. It’s actually a 3d model of the 2016 Olympics logo, and it also serves as a stand for their medal. That’s brilliant.

3) Win a footrace by diving across the finish line

When Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas, in dead heat against American Allyson Fellix in the women’s 400m final, threw herself across the finish line to inch ahead of her rival. She got superficial injuries for the trouble, but it’s actually a valid running tactic allowed by Olympic judges. Miller won her gold, and now we know more about track running.

4) No fishing in the toilet

Have you seen those warning graphics showing stick figures doing things wrong? Elena Della Donne of the US women’s basketball team Tweeted a hilarious sign showing things prohibited to be done in the Olympic venue toilet. Things like throwing toilet paper in the bowl, or puking, are understandable. But why is there a graphic for “no fishing in the bowl”?

5) McDonald’s in the Olympic Village

This year’s Olympians seem to be tired of the “raw eggs” diet. They’ve been hanging around too much in the McDonald’s outlet inside the Athletes’ Village, and they’re ordering so much (free BTW) food there that the staff imposed a 20 items max limit for each customer.

6) Great Britain cyclists winning due to team’s bikini wax ban

Women cyclists for GB have gotten some medals in. And the supposed reason why? It’s because their coaches advised them not to shave their pubic hair or wax their bikini lines. This was suggested due to reports of irritation on the bike saddles in practice. The presence of pubic hair actually reduced friction on the saddle, and absorbed sweat. It was embarrassing, but it worked.

7) US medalists are taxed for their medals

The US Olympic Committee awards cash prizes to their medalists: $25,000 per gold; $15,000 silver; and $10,000 bronze. Unfortunately, US Internal Revenue Service regulations state that these cash rewards are considered income, which is taxed. Poor Michael Phelps; it’s estimated he’ll be fleeced of $55,000 dollars in medal taxes for his achievement.

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