Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Samsung has taken steps now to clean up its product lineup recently. They say it’s necessary in order to avoid confusion between products and to unify its portfolio. To that end, it’s decided to take a huge leap in its stylus-packing Galaxy Note series (last one was 5) by forgoing the number 6 and going  straight to the new Galaxy Note 7. Basically they just bulked up the Galaxy S7 Edge a phone wee bit and gave it the Note stylus. The electronics company first presented its latest addition in New York Tuesday
August 2 according to C|Net. 

Like the S7 Edge, the Note 7 boasts the “always on” display and the eponymous “edge” applications panel, all wrapped in a curvy body of glass and metal that feels comfy in the hand. In a way, the latest Galaxy Note has fixed certain problems of the Note 5 (no more getting the stylus stuck if you put it in its slot backwards), and built up on the S7 Edge’s best features like its cameras and ultra-long life battery (how else to keep the display “always on”?). While the S7 and S7 Edge phones are for those who need a communication tool more, the Note 7 has been designed to cater to so-called “power users” who would get a mileage out of the stylus and its associated extra functions.

In fact, one of the most talked-about features of the Note 7 is its new option for phone security: an iris scanner right out of a contemporary spy or action suspense flick. This is Samsung’s first foray into using the tech, but other companies like Japanese Fujitsu and Chinese Alcatel and ZTE have long been dabbling in using infrared scans to lock their phones. Simply hold the Note 7 about a foot away from your face, line up your eyes with the guide marks on the display, try not to flinch at the brief IR flash (not so difficult), and your iris scan is then saved, to use in either opening up the whole phone or maybe just specific apps that you’d like to use alone.

That same consideration for security goes into the new “secure” where you can stash files you want to keep private by means of multiple layers of verification like the iris scan, fingerprint and the good old typewritten password. You can also use the stylus to handwrite quick notes that can then be pinned on the lock-screen so you can always see them.

For users who got a kick of the Note 5’s live-stream capability, the Note 7 adds a “reverse” ability to take YouTube or other streamed video and convert parts of them into moving GIFs to share with friends. Finally, just like the S7 phone, the Note 7 can keep water out for half an hour in depths of up to five feet.

Interested would-be owners can start preordering the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Wednesday August 3, with full commercial sale beginning August 19. Do note however, it’s new and therefore quite pricey.

Photo Credit to http://galaxynote7info.com/