Thursday, August 18, 2016

POISON IVY Grows Up Fast in GOTHAM Season 3

There’s only just over a month left before the quirky yet engaging “Smallville”-esque TV series “Gotham” returns to Fox for its third season. One of the prominent already-known details from Comic Book Resources about the next chapter of James Gordon’s fight for justice in the eponymous city and young Bruce Wayne’s development into the iconic superhero, Batman, is the fact that one of its minor teen supporting characters – Ivy Pepper, billed to be the future super-villain Poison Ivy – was going to be recast with an older actress.

Perhaps the show-runners were getting impatient with turning their version of a major Bat- rogue into something resembling the seductively plant-like eco-terrorist from the comics, though this does not explain why David Mazouz (Bruce) and Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle) are staying their age and no time skip has been planned. But as promotional shots and stills from future episodes begin to spread online, executive producer John Stephens is ready to shed some light on the matter.

First off, the physically older Ivy Pepper certainly looks hot, with Maggie Geha taking over for Claire Foley from the first two seasons. There’re no buts about it, with 28-year old Geha being twice Foley’s age. But why does she grow up so fast?

Stephens gives a hint to TV Insider: “One of the creatures that escaped from Indian Hill has the power to age people" he says, referring to May's 2 nd season finale. Ivy would run into this guy in season 3 according to Stephens. "Sometimes he uses it to kill people; other times he doesn't get to complete the process.”

The original comic-book version of Poison Ivy is biochemist and botanist Dr. Pamela Isley, who turns to eco-terrorism out of greater affection for plants and misanthropy. Experimentation turns her into a half-human half-plant hybrid with part plant-like physiology and the ability to control flora and generate plant toxins from her own body, to either kill or control her victims.

Despite the change in casting, Stephens assures “Gotham” fans that the transition will feel “organic”, and that Geha will still be taking after Foley’s intonations and body language immediately after her age-up, then develop further from there.

In addition to Ivy’s big change, the third season promises to take more pages out of the Batman mythos with arcs involving the city’s Court of Owls society and another Bat villain, the Mad Hatter. The identical clone of Bruce Wayne who escaped from Indian Hill at the end of season 2 will also have spotlight. A new original character will also be introduced in Valerie Vale, played by Jamie Chung, who is the aunt of comic character and one of Batman’s many paramours, Vicki Vale.

Season 3 of “Gotham”, subtitled “Heroes Will Fall”, premieres at Fox on September 19.

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